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DeviantArt Headquarters

Help Center Uplift

Fri Oct 21, 2016, 10:41 AM by LaurenKitsune:iconlaurenkitsune:

Behind the scenes, our Community Operations Department is tasked with encouraging innovative and creative opportunities within the community, and all the customer support and engagement such a calling requires.

Today, we're excited to announce that the look and feel of our support pages has been given an uplift! 

Help by LaurenKitsune

Today kicks off the first in a series of rollouts overhauling our support pages to a more clean, organized look. Some changes of note:
  • This new Support Search Engine laser-targets the appropriate FAQ or recent Help Desk update light-years better than its predecessor. 
  • FAQs can now be voted on for their helpfulness, to aid staff in improving upon some features that could have more clarity.
  • A more cohesive organization of groupings of FAQs.
  • Easier kick-off points directing deviants where to go, if they're not sure what to search for.
  • Pinned updates and known issues.
  • And, of course, our Suggestions Forum, the same as before, just with an updated look!
That said, updating the FAQs of a site as rich and storied as DeviantArt is a huge undertaking. Please bear with us if some FAQs look a bit odd. We will be updating those in the coming weeks, as well as shining up individual FAQs to make them easier-to-understand than ever before!

Have some FAQ about our FAQ?

Will I still be able to submit Help Desk tickets?
Yes! Nothing about ticket submission has changed!

Will :faq###: in old journals / signatures still work?
Yes! The "old" FAQ will remain intact until the new ones are rewritten. At that point, the :faq###: code will redirect to the appropriate updated ones!

Is still the same?
Yes! Today's change was simply migrating the FAQs and Suggestions forums to our new system. However, we recommend you start referring to the FAQs on the new Help Center, as those will be the most up-to-date. 

I found a FAQ on the new system that is miscategorized!
Thank you! There's an FAQ for that. (But, ideally, we will be updating those in the coming weeks before you even find any!)

:faq###: codes in the updated system doesn't work!
We will be implementing every single FAQ (hundreds and hundreds) in the coming weeks, so we will eventually get to the code you see. No need to report it! Unless the year is now 2030 and you are accessing this site via hologram, and the code hasn't been updated yet. In that case, please notify us.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you enjoy your new Support Center!

Fan Art Feature: Dragon Ball Z

Mon Oct 10, 2016, 12:54 PM
Og-preview by seoul-childThis Dragon Ball Z fan art’s power level is over 9000! #dbxv2
Imperfect Cell Close-Upby carapau
Majin Vegeta recoloredby carapau

In 1996, a couple of years before the rise of Pokémon in the United States, an animated television series that had been in syndication in Japan since 1989 made its U.S. debut.

Eventually the show was dubbed into multiple languages and aired in many countries across the globe. It went on to become one of the most recognizable cultural fixtures in TV history. Today the phrase Dragon Ball Z conjures images of spiky hair, crazy alien monsters, orange outfits, and intense nostalgia in the minds of many—even those who have never seen the show. Back when it originally premiered however, the series’ place in history was far from assured, and it went through an intense journey to claim its space in the cultural zeitgeist and in the hearts and minds of those who call themselves fans.

Dragon Ball Z, as true followers of the series are already aware, is a sequel to the earlier series titled Dragon Ball. While Dragon Ball Z follows the journey of Goku as an adult, its predecessor told the story of his childhood. Both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z first appeared in print as mangas printed in Japan, before being adapted to Japanese television. The show then spread far and wide, creating a worldwide network of fans and followers.

My Childhoodby KHAN-04
Dragon Ball Zby kotecarvajal
SSJ Son Goku color commissionby carapau

Dragon Ball Z’s broad appeal is no mystery.

‘90s kids probably remember getting lured in by the show’s zany humor and second-to-none action sequences, but the show took on themes such as the meaning of good and evil, the sometimes-blurry line between friends and foes, and even the significance of life and death. Given the show’s ability to take on heavy subjects and always deliver a compelling narrative, it’s also not difficult to see why the show appealed to more mature audiences, or why it has so much staying power.

It’s nearly impossible to overstate the cultural impact that Dragon Ball Z has had since it began. The Dragon Ball Z universe includes 15 films and over 100 video games worldwide, and there’s been no shortage of Dragon Ball Z action figures and apparel created over the years. The series lives on in pop culture to this day, most famously in the form of the Over Nine Thousand meme. One of the show’s central characters, Vegeta, famously utters this phrase when checking Goku’s power level. A clip featuring the line made its way to the internet long after the scene made its U.S. television debut, and quickly became recirculated, repurposed, and remixed to fit any especially intense moment. It also became a stand in and internet inside joke for anyone trying to describe or hyperbolize large quantities. Of course, part of the humor is that while 9,000 isn’t a miniscule number, it’s not that large when it comes to describing things like money earned in a lifetime (i.e. “Bill Gates is the richest man on earth, he must have over 9,000 dollars!”).

While the Over Nine Thousand meme has extended the reach of Dragon Ball Z to people who’ve never seen or heard of the TV show, the series has solidified itself has one of the best loved, most influential animes ever to grace the screen. With that in mind, here’s a gallery of some of DeviantArt’s finest Dragon Ball Z fan art, tendered as a tribute both to the legendary television show as well as its tenacious fans who will continue appreciating it and drawing on it as inspiration for their own creative projects.

DBZ: Son Familyby Risachantag
Hey Vegeta, How Many Pageviewsby brandokay
Daily Paint #1025. Kakarot vs. Radish - DBZby Cryptid-Creations

You can take control of my mind and my body, but there is one thing a Saiyan always keep… his PRIDE!”

— Vegeta

dragon ball zby Capocyan-Arvin
Live Action Trunks SuperSaiyanby Rider4Z
Dragon Ballsby THEprophetMOSES

I would rather be a brainless monkey than a heartless monster.”

— Goku

Vegeto Super Saiyan perlerby Birdseednerd
Dragonball Z: Fathers and Sonsby Risachantag
DBZby ChrisCold

We can’t give up just because things aren’t the way we want them to be.”

— Piccolo

It’s Over 9000by Hellknight10
Piccolo and Cell Dragon Ball Zby Sersiso

Relive the Dragon Ball story by time traveling and protecting historic moments in the Dragon Ball universe

Release Date October 25th

Your Thoughts

  1. Who is your favorite character from the Dragon Ball Z universe? What makes that character special to you?
  2. Have you ever had your own personal Over 9000 moment?
  3. Answer in the comments below.

Summer Card Project 2016 Wrap-Up

Fri Sep 30, 2016, 6:25 PM

Summer Card Project 2016 Wrap Up

This year, we decided to host our first ever Summer Card Project, and it was a wonderful and warm success! With nearly 2,500 cards from over 1,000 deviants, artists from all over the world brought cheer to various patients who could not enjoy the summer days outdoors. 

Shortly after we announced the project, we were flooded by unique and beautiful cards. Most of them were handmade, but some there were also some wonderfully unique digitally designed cards as well! You can see a selection of the beautiful summer themed cards by exploring #SummerCardProject!

Card2 by madizzlee Untitled by madizzlee
Untitled by madizzlee
Card1 by madizzlee Untitled by madizzlee
Untitled by madizzlee

With all of the cards that came in, I asked for some assistance in opening the variety of cards! afungshui, makepictures, and danlev all helped a ton with the card opening process (chris also helped, but would only open cards from Canada Giggle). After they were all open, I took them home to sort them before bringing them to hospitals around LA! We took hundreds of cards each to hospitals around Los Angeles, where they were then handed out both in person by hospital staff and by putting the cards on the meal trays for the patients! While we unfortunately were unable to hand out any cards ourselves, the hospital staffs made sure to tell us just how much the cards would mean to the patients. 

Untitled by madizzlee
Img 2208-1 by madizzlee
Untitled by madizzlee

We even received a lovely thank you letter from the wonderful people at Huntington Hospital (fun fact—that's where I had jaw surgery in high school!).  

Letter by madizzlee

While we weren’t able to send any cards outside of the Los Angeles area for this season’s project, we’re looking to get started early on finding volunteers for this year's Holiday Card Project!  If you sent in a note about volunteering for the Summer Card Project, you should have a note from me about volunteering for the Holiday Card Project! If you didn't reach out about the Summer Card Project but would like to volunteer to hand out cards for our 10th annual Holiday Card Project, please send me a note!

Every person who sent in a card with their username on a separate piece of paper should now have a 1-month Core Membership! If you sent in a card and did not receive your Core Membership, don't fret—that doesn't mean that we didn't receive your card! Some cards didn't have usernames in the envelopes with them, and some usernames were hard to record (especially when they have 0's and O's). If you didn't receive your membership and you sent in a card to us through the mail, please send me (madizzlee) a note with your name, a description of your card, and approximately when you sent it in to us!

Thank you to every single deviant who helped make this card project a success! Every single one of you helped make life a little brighter for someone in the hospital. 

 Sun Hug

Mobile Web Uplift

Thu Sep 29, 2016, 5:49 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

This week we released an update to the mobile web version of DeviantArt. We've uplifted the front page, browse, search, header, and navigation of the site.

The new front page and browse pages get a sleek new look with clean, accessible menus and filters. Daily Deviations get a prominent and interactive new carousel design, highlighting DeviantArt's hand-selected picks of the day. This carousel can be swiped to jump to the next or previous Daily Deviation. 

Untitled by danlev

Tapping the category bar lets you narrow your results by category, or by filter (Newest, Popular, What's Hot, etc.).

The new navigation gets a fresh and clean new look, focusing on simplicity and ease of use. 

Mobilemenu by danlev

This is a first step in uplifting the mobile site, and as more and more deviants use DeviantArt on mobile devices, our goal is to make it easier to use on any device.

In 2013, we started a project called "MyWeekThroughArt" and over 1,300 Journals were submitted. Some continued to post Journals over the following weeks, and some even continued it for many months. This week, we're bringing it back!

How has your week been? Tell us through art.


Simply post a Journal entry with three deviations that represent your week (or your week to come).
  1. Start a new Journal entry
  2. Using the "Add Media" sidebar, search DeviantArt for three deviations that represent your week and then place them in your Journal (for example, if you went on a date this week, one of your deviations might depict two people having dinner).
  3. At the end of your Journal, add a link back to this Journal and challenge several friends. Copy and paste the following text:
    "This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours, @deviant1, @deviant2, and @deviant3?"
  4. Title your Journal "MyWeekThroughArt" and submit it!


Browse MyWeekThroughArt Journals » 

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