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Phil Tippett: My Life in Monsters

Thu Jun 23, 2016, 4:26 PM
Og-preview by seoul-childMeet Phil Tippett, the Animator behind “Star Wars” and “Jurassic Park” #MeetTheArtists via deviantart

Phil Tippett

My Life in Monsters

Meet the Animator behind Star Wars and Jurassic Park

Watch the Interview

You may not know his name, but you’ve seen his art

Phil Tippett’s career as a visual-effects supervisor began when he breathed life into “Star Wars” creations large and small, from AT-AT Walkers to Luke’s tauntaun to the holographic fighting chess pieces.

Involved in both the design and animation of fantastical creations, Tippett lent his unique skill set to Industrial Light & Magic’s animation department for many years before winning an Oscar for “Return of the Jedi” and starting up his own studio in 1984.

When Tippett was hired as Dinosaur Supervisor on “Jurassic Park,” — a position that would catapult him into Internet Meme Fame years later — he was shocked to learn just how far computer-generated images had come in recent years. He was said to have exclaimed “I think I’m extinct,” a line which Spielberg later worked into the film.

Dr. Grant: “I think we’re out of a job.”

Malcolm: “Don’t you mean ‘extinct’?”

However, the special effects in “Jurassic Park” were revolutionary in particular due to the seamless marriage between computer-generated and practical effects provided by Tippett and his team. His understanding of detailed movement and behavior resulted in the hyper-realistic dinosaurs that set the film apart from CGI in other films that can often look overly synthetic and sterile.

Phil Tippett’s perseverance to his craft stands as testament to the fact that artistic skill can adapt and flourish over the years. It doesn’t need Dino-DNA to save it from extinction.

Your Thoughts

  1. Which fantastical creations from the “Star Wars” universe inspired you as a child?
  2. Have you ever wanted to create stop-motion animation?
  3. Are you Team Practical Effects or Team CGI? Why?

New Core Feature: Live Notifications

Thu Jun 9, 2016, 12:05 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

Live notifications are a new Core Member-exclusive feature that shows you real-time activity on your account from anywhere on the site. Get notified the moment you receive a new comment, favourite, watcher, note, llama, or even when another deviant visits your profile. This new feature makes it easier to stay on top of your activity and keep in touch with friends, fans, and clients.

All "feedback" notification types (comments, replies, mentions, favourites, etc.) will appear as live notifications, as well as notes. To prevent the average deviant from being overwhelmed, activity from people you watch, such as deviations and journals submitted, will not send notifications.

The profile visitor notification works just like the “Recent Visitors” widget on your profile. As always, you can opt-out of this feature by tapping the “Friends” icon on the header and change your status to “Invisible.” This will prevent your username from appearing on these notifications and the recent visitors profile widget.

Live notifications can be disabled under General Account Settings.


In addition to live notifications, your notification counts on the site header will now update in real-time.


Try out live notifications, browse ad-free, and gain access to other features when you upgrade to Core.

From now until June 16, 2016, when you buy a three-month Core Membership, get an additional three months for free!

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MS Outlook by marioluevanosWith the new DeviantArt add-in for Outlook, it is easier than ever to use beautiful original artwork in your emails.

Including Outlook

Insert art from DeviantArt directly into your emails.

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DeviantArt is the world's largest online art community, with tens of millions of users uploading hundreds of millions of pieces of original artwork. Now with the Outlook add-in, it is easier than ever to use beautiful original artwork in your emails.

Each piece of artwork is inserted with attribution from the artist.

By mlenart

Smash n' Splash 2
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Sunday Morning Paradise
By AndrewShoemaker

Check these visuals to see whether your Outlook client supports this add-in.

This add-in requires one of the following applications:

  • Outlook 2013 or later
  • Outlook on the Web

Need help finding your version?


Wed Jun 1, 2016, 4:33 PM by HalHefnerART:iconhalhefnerart:

Welcome to our 3rd Sketch This ART APPRECIATION JOURNAL. Each week we'll select a group of art that catches our eye from the most recent challenges. 


CLOWN by Corbs4uZombie Clown Isn't Pleased by TreyBailey1999No. Just no. by froggyuniverseJoker by arianedecheneClown by dbb17Betrayal by serge1929Clownin around!! by Rawkone23Clown by DanieliaSwartClown  by AdxnnaCLOWN by KlodjanGegaCLOWN by SUper-GENKclone by PheonixgorceCLOWN by The-Ironic-DrawingCreepy Clown  by GinaAmyartCLOWN by singularis42clown sketchbook by Speedhuntgreen guy by mreggxCLOWN by seblunt10CLOWN by giannis0000happy clown by yaskme21jester look close by kdoart


warrior by abco13LUCHADOR! by Jags4La Novilla (my new mom) by MasterDayeRiolu Libre by FirimilLuchador Draw by Ambien-NavarroLUCHADOR! by prettycolors2016The Midnight Flare by MidnightDelRey14Luchador by cinemalexTigerman by jjnick78Lutchadora by addmorphineLUCHADOR! by nobbygnomeLUCHADOR! by DarquitetoLUCHADOR! by ImonhotepLUCHADOR! by muastPamcakes! by GhostCreekLUCHADOR! by maryamii123Sketch This: Luchador the mummy by OrganAbductionleon by vasc2606


foreshortening challenge by RobArsenaultJrdon carioso by nixenblueFORESHORTENING by XombieDollyoU by chuckgormanskateboard on the beach by PssYoFORESHORTENING by keystemsFORESHORTENING by stefanimationGalaxy Animal by Lunica99Knight by KOBEY002Sans the Skeleton by Fairytail888Slippin' Round by SirSamiKirby Krackle by kingandyEarth worm Jim by KanatNurmanovMagneto by MetasynManSketch 3d depth by animationbenoitKoda by kelrundellSelf Portrait Sketch by DigaagWaRiz[[CHALLENGE]] Foreshortening  by duckchooLost in Space  by ehkidna78Who Knows What by atari3dAnthro Sketch Thing (IDK) by CeredonDepth Perception of the Eaglot. by JoelDValdezC021315Sketch This - Foreshortening by AvikuroFORESHORTENING by vrednyiarbuzickid dynamite  by MikeAngerhauserFORESHORTENING by amnesiaTDoomsday by voraciousink


Hand bones by AmarantheansHand bones Challenge  by BonnieaTheBunnyHand Anatomy by Bungy32A hand by WillowDeviantANATOMY: THE HAND - BONES by danisinteresting71st challenge by noraariellaANATOMY: THE HAND - BONES by Ami-AHand Study  by McCartney21With my own two hands by kitemikazeANATOMY: THE HAND - BONES by HadesGaming1ANATOMY: THE HAND - BONES by Quetzal69anatomy exercise - hand bones  by lapaowanANATOMY: THE HAND - BONES by WAZA-LOOANATOMY: THE HAND - BONES by Jags4


This is a fun and welcoming community creating their own challenges, building upon the ones released on SKETCH THIS as well as providing DeviantArt with imagery and ideas for new challenges.

The official AUTODESK SKETCHBOOK group that includes art from the challenges and more is also a welcoming community that offers full access to live streaming artists using SKETCHBOOK in inspiring ways.

Send me a note with your idea. I will respond. 


Update (June 1): In response to feedback, we've brought back the ability to switch between infinite scrolling and pagination. This setting is available under Browsing Settings.

Over the past months, DeviantArt has been testing enhancements to the site's thumbnail grid. Initially announced last year, and followed by multiple rounds of testing, optimization, bug fixes, and improvements to load times, we're now proud to announce that the new thumbnail grid is available to everyone. The new grid is also available on mobile Web.

1a Desktop   Wall By Starvingartist D8uzxzz By Dan by danlev    1b Desktop   Torpedo By Starvingartist D8v06ii By  by danlev

Before and after designs on the desktop site

More Deviations

One of our core goals for the new grid was to fill your screen with more art. The current grid leaves uneven or irregular gaps between images, and our new grid maximizes screen space — both on desktop and mobile Web — to create a wall of beautifully displayed deviations. When user-testing the new grid, the feedback we received is that people want to see deviations, and just deviations, when they’re browsing.

Thumbs Coverage By Danlev-da2uclu Copy by danlev

Grid comparisons

What's Improved

  • Bigger thumbnails and a new grid system allow more emphasis to be placed on art.
  • The old grid created uneven or irregular gaps between images, while the new grid maximizes screen space — both on desktop and mobile Web — to create a wall of beautifully displayed deviations.
  • Deviation details, such as the title, artist, comment counts, and favourite counts, display when you hover over the thumbnail. On mobile, the artist username, comment counts, and favourite counts are always displayed.
  • You can now favourite a deviation by tapping the star on the top right corner of the thumbnail.
    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.26.13 PM by danlev
  • The new thumbnail grid is optimized for bandwidth. Images will use slightly more bandwidth, but less bandwidth will be used across multiple pages.
  • Thumbnails are optimized for retina and high-resolution screens.
  • We put special care into the look of non-standard image types, such as literature, pixel art, and emoticons to ensure that all kinds of art are featured respectfully and beautifully.
For full details about what we improved, you can read the original announcement.

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