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On the day of your birth, you were likely surrounded by those who loved you, who would lead you through the rough first scary years of life, and who would stand by as you grew into a capable person. As time passed, others may have drifted into your life, and even if you didn't know it, they also nurtured and cared for you in much the same way, helping to shape the person you would become.

When a community like deviantART is born, the same common thread binds its originators and founding members together. Over the years, more and more creative beings drift into its life and strengthen its core every single day, resulting in an exponentially inspirational powerhouse for the sheer fact that they've become a part of it. That nurturing spirit, that inherent support system, that caring community inspires deviantART to grow, and it comes from inside each and every one of you.

Today, August 7, 2013, marks deviantART's 13th birthday. In Internet years, reaching the 13-year mark is a momentous occasion, and it's not one we take for granted. Simply put, we would not exist without the support and enthusiasm of our passionate members, and we're thankful for that, and for you, every day.

  • You can use whatever medium you prefer. If you don't prefer a specific program, we encourage you to use deviantART muro via the Add a Drawing tool in comments.
  • Create a piece of artwork capturing your favorite deviantART memory.
  • Share your creation in a comment on this article using the Add Media or Add a Drawing tools.

The new Add Media tool, which lets you easily add formatting, emoticons, and images to comments, can be used in full on this article. Adding images to comments by using the Conversation,, and deviantART tabs of the Add Media sidebar, which are normally Premium Member features, can be used by all deviants. Have fun creating and sharing your work!

Deviants who take part in this challenge will receive a special 13th Birthday Badge!

Create a 13-Word Story!

As part of the birthday festivities, Journal Skins are free to use for all deviants for the next 13 days! To help you take advantage of this, we've created a 13th Birthday Journal Skin that you can install to dress your Journal up for the occasion, or you can choose a skin from the Installable Journal Skin gallery!

In addition, we have a Journal project for you and your friends to get involved in!

  • Create a 13 word story and post it in a Journal titled ThirteenWords.
  • Encourage your friends to continue the story in the comments on that Journal.
  • Help craft a story with others! Browse the Journal Portal to find other deviants who are taking part, and comment on their ThirteenWords Journals!

In addition to the events included in this article, the Community Volunteers are holding contests and events throughout the day, so be sure to check them out and get involved!

Events Hosted by The Community Volunteers »

Seniority Announcement - August 2013 »

In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.

What's New

Uplifting the Profile Tabs (Beta Testers)

As part of an initiative to make deviantART more user-friendly and clearer to new users, tabs on the Profile Page have received a visual and functional uplift! The tabs on Profile Pages (Gallery, Prints, Favourites, and Journal) have been visually improved for consistency, cleanliness, and a more modern appearance. Navigation elements have been moved to the left column of the page, and the placement of major elements of each tab have been aligned so that the transition from one tab of one's Profile to another is more smooth, natural, and clean.

Change Log

  • Ads on deviation pages were misbehaving and appearing outside of their proper locations in some situations. Fixed by shahyarg
  • Creating a new Group Gallery Folder and immediately navigating to that folder would result in an error. Fixed by helloandre
  • Double clicking on the 'Purchase' button on the Premium Content modal would result in a double purchase. Fixed by shadowhand
  • The Help Desk's contact form would not notify a deviant if they were using an unsupported browser. Fixed by fartprincess
  • The "Watches you" badge would appear when browsing by Artists on More Like This results. Fixed by helloandre
  • The .ASL filetype could not be uploaded to the Photoshop Actions category. Fixed by DEVlANT
  • There were some display issues with Critiques in the Message Center. Fixed by fartprincess
  • On certain pages around the site, middle-clicking on a thumbnail would open the deviation in the same tab, rather than in a new one. Fixed by helloandre
  • Previewing replies to several comments in the Message Center and then replying to one would trigger a comment submission error. Fixed by fartprincess
  • Links to some categories resulted in 404 errors for a brief period. Fixed by helloandre
  • For a brief period, some Profile Pages containing the Critique widget were broken. Fixed by fartprincess
  • For deviants who changed their username, the old username would not redirect to their Profile properly. Fixed by shadowhand
  • Links to the Super Group upgrade page, the Contest gallery, and the Film gallery would trigger an error for a brief period. Fixed by helloandre / Submit

  • When uploading film, the rotating image at the center of the "processing film" icon would rotate off-center under certain circumstances. Fixed by kouiskas
  • When viewing stacks, the drop zones to move thumbnails is much bigger than before, for easier dragging and dropping. Fixed by kouiskas
  • When dragging a thumbnail to the beginning or the end of a stack or your main area, the drop zone is now much bigger than before, for easier item placement. Fixed by kouiskas
  • The image on stacks would continue to change even when the stack was being dragged. Fixed by kouiskas
  • The "No Preview" image was styled incorrectly on the Submit page. Fixed by kouiskas
  • Stacks created by merging a selection could not be selected as a place to drop files. Fixed by kouiskas Writer

  • Trying to post two comments in a row on a deviant's Profile wouldn't work. Fixed by inazar
  • When leaving a comment, the page would not automatically scroll to view the newly-posted comment. Fixed by inazar
  • When previewing text in Internet Explorer, paragraphs would have incorrect margins. Fixed by inazar
  • Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported when posting comments or Journals. Internet Explorer 8 users will see the old comment box display and Write a Journal entry page. Fixed by kemayo
  • Image thumbnails were briefly working in signatures. Fixed by inazar
  • After clicking "Submit Comment", one could click back into the comment box. Fixed by kemayo

Your Feedback

Thanks for the feedback left on last week's Site Update! Here's some of what you had to say.
  • In response to the Earnings page changes currently in beta testing, several deviants offered suggestions for improvements they'd like to see made, including wanting to be able to see who purchased from them, in addition to when the purchases were made.
  • Feedback varied in response to the Discuss topic. The deviants who said they use folders in Notes mentioned using several folders and/or subfolders, but many deviants mentioned they did not use folders at all, and some were surprised to hear that folders were an option in Notes to begin with.
  • Several deviants mentioned wanting to be able to search in Notes, and some deviants mentioned wanting easier methods to delete Notes.


Portfolio Improvements
One of the suggestions offered in last week's Site Update came from miontre, who suggested being able to create or add skins to your Portfolio. What do you think of this suggestion? Are there other suggestions you have for the Portfolio platform?

Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment on this article!
Lightbulb Want to keep track of known issues? Check out our Status Forum!
:bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk(Be as detailed as possible!)

In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.

What's New

Sales Statistics on the Earnings Page (Beta Testers)

As part of an initiative to consolidate features and make deviantART more user-friendly, the statistics system for Prints has been ported into the My Earnings page!

Stats for Prints have been ported into the Earnings page to make them more readily accessible. In addition, stats for Premium Content and Commissions have been incorporated as well, so you can easily track sales for your Prints and downloads all from one page. You can sort statistics by date or by sale to find what information you're looking for.

Change Log

  • 403 and 404 Error pages now include deviantART's header and footer, for easier navigation. Added by helloandre
  • When in Firefox, resizing the browser window while viewing a Journal containing custom widgets could sometimes lead to layout issues. Fixed by $muteor
  • The "Next" button for comments on one's Profile Page briefly did not work. Fixed by $shadowhand
  • Some links to the Prints Shop did not direct properly. Fixed by $helloandre
  • There was a layout issue with the "update your email" notification. Fixed by $muteor
  • Users banned from purchasing could still request a commission. Fixed by $yury-n
  • Some Permissions Exceptions for groups didn't work properly. Fixed by $DEVlANT
  • Various updates were made to the API. Some API documentation was updated as well. Fixed by $muteor and $adahacker
  • On some pages, usernames were not capitalized properly. Fixed by $shadowhand
  • Images in one's Portfolio had unnecessary drop shadows. Fixed by $fartprincess
  • The "Sign Up" modal had some text alignment and layout issues. Fixed by $iconocrash / Submit

  • Selecting multiple files using shift and the arrow keys was not working properly. Fixed by drommk
  • The "broken image" icon would appear in some browsers when an image was simply not ready for display yet. Fixed by $kouiskas
  • The selection rectangle would get darker every time one would navigate inside and outside of a stack. Fixed by $kouiskas
  • Using command+click (ctrl+click for Windows) to select an item would not visually recognize an item was selected until moving the mouse away from it. Fixed by $kouiskas Writer

  • The Add Media tools will no longer attempt to load for incompatible browsers. Fixed by $kemayo
  • For a short period, it was possible to embed YouTube videos in comments. Fixed by $kemayo
  • It was possible to embed full-size images outside of Fixed by $kemayo
  • Comment previews were not accurately reflecting what formatting was allowed and what formatting was not allowed. Fixed by $kemayo
  • Using the HTML attribute iframe in Writer would result in content not being saved. Iframe attributes have since been removed. Fixed by $kemayo
  • The Add Media tool did not work properly in the Admin Area of Groups. Fixed by $kemayo
  • Emoticons in the Writer sidebar were not respecting Mature Content settings. Fixed by $inazar

Your Feedback

Thank you for the feedback on last week's Site Update! Here's some of the feedback you left for us.
  • Feedback regarding the new method of commenting was mixed. Some deviants were happy with the ability to include images in comments, while others voiced concerns regarding spam. 
  • In response to the Discuss topic, deviants mentioned that they liked being able to access more emoticons. Some deviants suggested that they would like an easier method of looking up user icons, in order to use icons not submitted as emoticons. 
  • Deviants also suggested a way to mark some emoticons as favorites in Writer's sidebar, so that regularly used emoticons can be found easily.
  • Some deviants would like a way to move deviations to or from Suggested by WinxFandom


Folders in Notes
In order to help organize your Notes, deviantART offers the ability to sort your Notes into folders. You can create folders and subfolders, then drag and drop Notes into these folders. We've found, however, that folders in Notes are particularly underused. Do you find yourself using folders frequently? If so, what do you use them for? Do you find them useful? Is there any method of sorting Notes you would find more useful? 

Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment on this article!
Lightbulb Want to keep track of known issues? Check out our Status Forum!
:bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk(Be as detailed as possible!)

Sunday, Day 4 of Comic-Con

Mon Jul 22, 2013, 12:39 AM
No matter how tired your feet are by what is actually Day 5 of Comic-Con, counting Preview Night, no matter how exhausted your body and empty your wallet, there's always a bit of sadness in the air when the last few hours of Comic-Con wind down.

In the deviantART booth, we witnessed something a little magical when the voice came over the loudspeaker to announce that Comic-Con was closed at 5:00 pm sharp, the remaining straggling attendees and exhibitors packing up stopped what they were doing and burst into applause. It was a mixture of relief, pride, and fulfillment of a successful convention.

Someone yelled, "See you in 365 days!" and there was a true moment of community with everyone in earshot. Sure, it's a sad sentiment, but it gives us all something to look forward to, and the months ahead will be filled with the happy memories of all we accomplished over the past week. Friends met that stop by every year, new friends, new properties to become fans of, new comic books to read and prints to hang on walls. It was truly an honor to have shared the past 5 days with everyone who stopped by our booth and anyone who wasn't able to make it but who have been following us on social media to share these special moments with us in the best way they can.

Thanks to everyone for making this week such a special, magical thing to be a part of. Until next year, everyone!

Comic Con 2013 58 By Makepictures-d6egn95 by LaurenKitsune
How many fandoms can you spot?

Comic Con 2013 64 By Makepictures-d6egnc6 by LaurenKitsune
Creating spectacular art on our Wacom tablets.

Comic Con 2013 69 By Makepictures-d6egnef by LaurenKitsune
Khaleesi and her Unsullied guards.

Comic Con 2013 41 By Makepictures-d6egmyi by LaurenKitsune
Staffers damphyr and IreneAdler76 captivate and terrify passing deviants.

Comic Con 2013 50 By Makepictures-d6egn4c by LaurenKitsune
Our dear Ayame-Kenoshi stops by to lend a helping hand and a warm smile.

Comic Con 2013 65 By Makepictures-d6egnct by LaurenKitsune
Just a terrifying Spider Queen from the makeup booth several rows down. No big deal.

Comic Con 2013 54 By Makepictures-d6egn6s by LaurenKitsune
Creating some crossover fan art, perhaps?

Comic Con 2013 40 By Makepictures-d6egmxp by LaurenKitsune
Full-contact art can have you breaking into a sweat. Creativity is serious business!

Comic Con 2013 62 By Makepictures-d6egnbe by LaurenKitsune
Sexy Sonic and Amy Rose! Only at deviantART, man!

If you missed any of our recaps, you can find them here: Wednesday's Preview NightThursday's Day 1, Friday's Day 2, and Saturday's Day 3

Thanks again for sharing our time at Comic-Con with us, even if you only visited via these Journals.

Saturday, Day 3 of Comic-Con

Sun Jul 21, 2013, 2:22 AM
Saturdays mean the kids at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and the adults at Stark Enterprises alike are free to spend the weekend as they please! For them as well as zombies and time lords, to whom weekends mean nothing, Saturday in San Diego was one of the most packed days of the convention yet!

DeviantART staffers continued showering visitors with stress balls, collectible pins, and swapped stories of their favorite deviantART experiences. It's a long day, but hearing some of the inspirational stories that originate from our humble corner of the Internet are truly inspiring.

Our final Comic-Con panel was held at 12:15 pm, and the topic was "How-To: Creator vs. Audience." Ron Martino (techgnotic) led the panel, which talked about how the digital nature of storytelling on deviantART is changing the way the world interacts with its audiences. Alongside him were Wenqing Yan (yuumei), Brian Kesinger (BrianKesinger), Dave Elliott (DeevElliott), and Hal Hefner (HalHefnerART).

The thesis of the panel was the simple fact that, using sites like deviantART, creators can now interact with their audiences on a level never-before possible, and the creators are listening and using the feedback practically in real time to shape their narratives.

Untitled By Xraystyle-d6eew0b by LaurenKitsune

Here are a few inspirational soundbites that were discussed by these true visionaries and pioneers of fiction.

"Moment by moment, you can make changes depending on the feedback you're getting. You can immediately tell what aspect of your story resonates with people."
--Ron Martino, techgnotic

"In the end, 'authorship' will always be bestowed upon the artist who most commands readers' respect; the one whose efforts most connect with us, the readers, viewers, or players -- the storyteller who can best utilize the constant stream of audience feedback without losing or dulling his or her unique voice and vision."
--Ron Martino, techgnotic

"The way I see it, story creation is not a one-way communication from creator to audience. Especially in today's digital age, instant feedback allows creators to make adjustments on the go."
--Wenqing Yan, yuumei

"Reading and responding to the comments is not all about adjusting your stories; it's also a fun way to interact with the community."
--Wenqing Yan, yuumei

"You may think asking for feedback is having too many cooks in the kitchen, but you're still in control ultimately. The encouragement and feedback from the community has always been a source of inspiration for me."
--Wenqing Yan, yuumei

"In animation, we take one idea that everyone can relate to and put a twist on it. Say you have an overbearing parent and a kid who wants to rebel. That's a universal idea. Make them fish, and you've got 'Finding Nemo.'"
--Brian Kesinger, BrianKesinger

"People are always coming to me like, 'Can I do fan art of your work?' I'm like, 'Hell yeah, you can!' I can't think of a greater compliment or confirmation that you're doing something right."
--Brian Kesinger, BrianKesinger

"Don't second guess your audience. Don't try to go viral. Just do what's fun for you. Follow what's passionate to you. That passion will come across, and people will feed off of that."
--Brian Kesinger, BrianKesinger

"Maybe one day soon, you won't even need to leave deviantART to be a published creator."
--Dave Elliott, DeevElliott

"Storytelling started with just a handful of people around the campfire, and that's how society progressed. That kind of went away after the Industrial Revolution, but now with Internet and technology, we're back around the campfire. But instead of ten, it's tens of thousands."
--Hal Hefner, HalHefnerART

In the Q&A section, someone asked if they had any advice for artists who feel like they're not getting better on their own and have no formal training.

"A lot of people tell me their parents don't support their art career or they can't afford to go to art school. I always recommend for them to use online tutorials like you can find on deviantART. If one doesn't work for you, find another one that does or explains a technique in a different way. It's really a great way to learn."
--Wenqing Yan, yuumei

Finally, someone asked how a writer should go about finding an artist. It seems like a common question, as it was asked during our first panel, too, but Brian's answer was pretty inspirational.

"Don't wait to be found Look around at artists that appeal to you. Send them a link of your first chapter. Not everyone's a storyteller. But they CAN tell a story in another way if you give them a script. They're often in the same position you are. They're just looking for a writer."
--Brian Kesinger, BrianKesinger

And now, check out these awesome shots taken in deviantART's corner of Artists' Alley!

Kennedy  Scarlet Witch  And Cash Iron Man In T by LaurenKitsune
Kennedy and Cash relieve some stress with our stress balls.
Cash also left us with some good advice: "If I had to fight bad guy at Comic-Con, I would stomp on them." 

Officer Jenny  Pokemon  By Shyree2-d6edpjf by LaurenKitsune
This Officer Jenny uses deviantART for inspiration as a costume designer and to find other cosplayers! But is she a member? "I have to now. I have a free Premium Membership you just gave me!"

Shaun Kyle Deviantart Com By Shyree2-d6edl45 by LaurenKitsune
Shaun-Kyle is Inked, Locked, and Loaded!

Asevy By Shyree2-d6edpsh by LaurenKitsune
"As an aspiring artist, I love seeing my favorite storyboard artists share their personal work that doesn't have anything to do with their professional work." 

Indiana Jones By Shyree2-d6eefax by LaurenKitsune
The amazing cosplays continue to astound us with every passing day. 

Tmnt By Shyree2-d6eegac by LaurenKitsune
Okay, this wasn't technically at our booth, but it just looked really awesome.

There's one more day of Comic-Con, and although it's shorter than the previous three, we intend to squeeze every ounce of artistic awesomeness out of it that we can!

If you've missed our other recaps, you can still check out Wednesday's Preview NightThursday's recap, and a rundown of Friday's festivities.

Is there anything we absolutely need to show you before Comic-Con ends for another year?

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