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Charity: Water Starts the Process for the Well!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 4, 2012, 10:44 AM

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in the charity: water project I wrote about in February of this year. Whether you were able to actively donate to, read up on, or help spread the word about this honorable cause, I genuinely felt touched by the actions of every person who took the time to participate.

I got so many inspiring and heart-warming Notes from deviants far and wide -- from those who had just donated to those who had no means to donate monetarily but who happily spread the word to others. Many even selflessly pledged their own birthdays, asking for donations to this great cause in lieu of gifts. In a world where a lot of the news headlines are depressing and bleak, my faith in the power of good and caring was restored by the deviantART community.

Some say that one should participate in charity for charity's sake, and I fully believe this. I donated because it was a great cause whose results were so tangible and so needed by those who would receive it. Hardly a day has gone by in the past 5 months that I haven't imagined what steps in the well-building process the charity was currently undergoing. But I know the charity is busy spreading the word to others, tackling paperwork, and funneling all the generous donations to make this well and many(!) others a reality.

So I wasn't really expecting to hear back from charity: water, especially so early in the process. I figured maybe I would log in to my page on their website a while down the line, find out where the well was built, and daydream about maybe visiting it someday. When I got an email today spelling out how the money would be implemented, the timeline, the part of the world, and the promise of detailed metrics as soon as the well is finished, I was reminded of why I wanted to donate in the first place.

Screen Shot 2012-07-26 at 5.08.31 PM by LaurenKitsune

Today, charity: water reached out to me to let us know where our well would be built, how long it would take, and some other really interesting statistics about how the future deviantART well is going to help out a small town.

Screen Shot 2012-07-26 at 4.23.43 PM by LaurenKitsune

These sorts of statistics are so shocking, I'm doing everything I can to raise awareness of something so many of us take for granted. If you're reading this Journal on a computer, it means you have access to an Internet connection, and more than likely can access water at the turn of a knob. We bathe in it every day, we freeze it to make drinks cold and heat it to cook our food and keep our homes warm. The thought of someone experiencing thirst and not being able to safely satisfy that feeling elicits such a strong emotion when I sit down to think about it. How often in our daily lives do we take for granted having such amenities often just a room away?

Screen Shot 2012-07-26 at 4.23.25 PM by LaurenKitsune

This email -- perhaps one of a few more -- pinpointed where this upcoming well was on its path to being completed. As I'm sure you can appreciate, the paperwork, training, architecture, and everything in between is time consuming, and it really brings to light the unsung heroes behind charity doors who do all the heavy-lifting to bring something like fresh water to a community in need.

At the bottom of the email was a linked example of the sorts of statistics we could read about in the future as soon as the well finished completion, and you can read all about how this real well in Ethopia helped a small town here!

Giving to any reputable charity brings a feeling that's not really matched by anything else in the world. It's hard to describe, but it's a feeling of almost secret bliss. These people will probably never know any of the deviants who gave a small part of themselves to bring such a needed commodity to their lives. But I can picture a village, and the people living in it, and the difference this is going to make very soon.

I wanted to thank you all for making this possible, we did something really good here and I'm very happy. I also want to thank Charity: Water, you guys are fantastic! 

I'll link to charity: water one last time, in case you want to feel the same rush of giving you've felt before when donating. And it's true what they say -- every dollar counts, every penny counts, and spreading your awareness to others truly does leave a positive impact on the world we live in.

-- :spyed: 

spyed sense:

i really need to change my signature.
it's been simmering in lame for way too long.

Ninja image created by AndyFairhurst

In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.

What's New

New Premium Member Feature: Gallery Subfolders

New Gallery Folders for Premium Members by danlev

One of the most requested features we've gotten on Site Updates in the past is the ability to add subfolders within your gallery. As of today, the wait is over! Subfolder capability has been added to the member gallery for Premium Members. This allows users to create folders within a folder, for more specific organization and overall tidiness.

Try the new subfolders feature by upgrading to a Premium Membership.

Comment Signatures Uplift

New Comment Signatures by danlev

Comments on deviantART are an amazing way to interact with your fellow deviants. However, in the past, it was sometimes difficult to distinguish between the comment itself, and the comment signature. Deviants enjoy having a piece of their profile travel with them on deviantART, but the two bodies of text were too similar to easily distinguish. In one of our prior Site Updates, we asked what you thought of signatures. The primary requests were to make signatures a bit less prominent, and also to better distinguish them from the comment itself. We listened to your concerns, adjusting the signature size and color, and adding a clear separation between the comment and the signature.

Remember: If you prefer to view comments without signatures, you can disable them in your Browsing Settings.

Update to Critiques

In the past, any Critique left on a deviation would disappear from the deviation page if a user disabled Critique, or if their Premium Membership expired. As of today, rather than removing the Critique from the deviation, a message is displayed stating "The Artist is no longer requesting Critique on this Artwork", and any Critique you've already received remains visible on the deviation, regardless of the cause for the change. This means that you'll be able to easily access feedback left for you, even if your Premium Membership runs out or you decide you don't want to receive Critique on that work anymore.

Upgrades to Quarterly Check Payments

After receiving a great deal of feedback, we're excited to announce an upgrade to the My Earnings quarterly check payment system! Instead of waiting until the end of a quarter for deviantART to process your check, you can now request a check whenever you'd like! For example, if you made some big sales after submitting a new Print, you can request a check to be mailed to you right away instead waiting until the quarter ends.

Change Log

  • Favorites could not be dragged from the collection bar and dropped into journal entry drafts. Fixed by $muteor
  • The Google PDF viewer that was used to display PDF deviations was unreliable, and would occasionally require a user to log into their Google account. It has since been replaced with a different implementation that will allow most browsers to display the PDF using their own PDF reader. Fixed by $muteor
  • Misclicks or double-clicks on a deviation submission could result in duplicates. Fixed by $muteor
  • Submissions to the Visualizations Gallery misidentified the .pimp filetype as .7z. Fixed by $ZombieCoder
  • The "Show Collections" button in the Deviation Thumbshare forum threads was not operational. Fixed by $muteor
  • A very small number of deviation deletions resulted in notifications concerning unaddressed required release documents. Fixed by $muteor
  • Many people use deviantART logged out -- whether they were just linked to a page from another website or they haven't signed up yet. Since these users are less familiar with deviantART, we've decided to hide signatures for them, making the comments section cleaner and less confusing.

  • When logged out, the "Edit with Writer" button on deviantART wouldn't redirect to the right place after logging in. Fixed by $samshull
  • When viewing someone else's stack, it wasn't possible to open items in new tabs. Fixed by $kouiskas
  • Going in and out of edit mode on a item using the browser history would break Fixed by $kouiskas
  • Merging items has been reworded. Fixed by $aMoniker
  • On the Submit page, the Submit Now button on the bottom of the page wouldn't get the same active state as the top one when submitting. Fixed by $samshull
  • Visiting one's own stack directly and uploading would add new items in the root instead of in the stack. Fixed by $samshull
  • The upload display was broken in legacy browsers. Fixed by $samshull
  • Dragging items to merge them into a stack was broken. Fixed by $aMoniker Writer

  • Writer developed some padding issues, which made for inaccurate previews. Fixed by $kemayo
  • In raw HTML mode (command+e or ctrl+e when in Writer), autosave was not functional and the toolbars were disabled. Fixed by $kemayo and $Alisey
  • Importing multiple thumbs from at once wasn't working. Fixed by $inazar

Your Feedback

Thanks so much for the feedback in last week's Site Update!
  • Many users were excited about our upcoming new browsing experience: More Like This. Some members were confused and assumed it would take the place of Browse — for clarification, it's not! More Like This will be a new way to browse artwork, artists, and collection related to a single deviation. 
  • Members liked the suggestions about being able to pull files from for Premium Content, being able to move their deviations to scraps using the pencil tool in the gallery, and using a deviation as an avatar.
  • rioIu suggested adding filters to Discover, such as the amount of watchers or pageviews artists have.
  • Eclipse--Designs suggested the ability to "+Watch" a Journal entry to get notifications when new people comment on it.
  • Nichrysalis suggested that members should be able to browse a Group gallery by category the way you can for an individual's gallery.


Group Gallery vs. Group Favourites
Within Groups, there are two similar ways to collect and promote artwork, that being the Group Gallery and Group Favourites. For those of you who manage or contribute in Groups, how do you use the Group Favourites compared to the Group Gallery? Do you find that you put both to use the same way, or do you find different uses for each? Do Groups you take part in generally use one over another?

 Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment on this article!
:bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk(Be as detailed as possible!)

The Age of Discernment

Thu Aug 2, 2012, 12:22 AM by techgnotic:icontechgnotic:

With great access comes the great responsibility of discernment.

→ This article was inspired by the conversation in the comments generated from last week’s Suggestivism article.

As we traverse the final phases of maximum raw information accumulation, potentially equipping us for jacking in to the promise of the Singularity, the contents of many lifetimes’ worth of knowledge, art, education, and history are now at our fingertips. More and more Universities, libraries and arts institutions have swung open their digital doors and granted access to their lectures, courses and curricula free of charge to anyone in the world with a connection to the web. Access to education is fundamentally shifting our society towards an unmappable future.

Comments: 60
Favourites: 696
Views: 16,289

Here at deviantART there seems to be a new age dawning as well. deviantART has always provided an artist to artist education for new and developing artists. But more and more artists, both amateurs and professionals of all levels, are using deviantART as a real resource and platform in the creation and exhibition of their personal art gallery rather than just a place to exhibit their own works. And the arts conversation on deviantART runs across all race, religion, social classes, age, gender and education levels. Participants in this grand conversation often include the elites in their chosen medium as well as artists just creating their first sketches. The sheer amount of art categories on dA is breath-taking, the scope of beauty and imagination within each of those categories unparalleled.

Comments: 387
Favourites: 2,387
Views: 297,771

But is there a danger to all information – and all art – being right at the fingertips? Will we lose sense of what is bad, good, better and best art? Will art become just one process or activity, rather than the occasional expression of the miraculous that it sometimes is? What will become of our powers of discernment in the flood of information? Rather than becoming self-satisfied about all the great art now just a click away, maybe we should start trying to decide what meaning art should have in our lives, as well as what art is meaningful for our future. Important things in how we are beginning to communicate as one worldwide community of peoples are happening just beneath the surface. Now may be the time when more, not less, thoughtfulness should be deployed in discerning which art means the most to you as an artist or art appreciator?

Comments: 174
Favourites: 4,130
Views: 30,200

We seem to have come to a major societal “look before you leap” moment. Shall we just keep technologically cannonballing forward, full steam ahead to wherever our digital momentum takes us? Or is it time to pump the brakes and start a serious conversation about whether or not the fundamental shift in the technology of our society should usher in a new fundamental shift in the values of our society.

So the great question confronts us all, and with each day it becomes less hypothetical and more urgent: With the advent of universal access to all information all of the time how will we decide to personally sort or categorize content or make preferences or align to and thus create global values? Will we be able to take the new responsibility thrust into our hands and really do the right thing? Will we choose the global over the personal? Will we start making choices with an eye toward our digital information-based “footprints” - - the record of our choices - - and the unintentional fallout as they become votes and statistics affecting other choices for the unseen populace of the World Wide Web?

We now have just about all the information we’re ever going to need to make a real change in this world. The ability to discern what in that information is important and which takes priority is the new challenge of our age.

Comments: 12,728
Favourites: 42,226
Views: 1,297,196

Comments: 1558
Favourites: 2,194
Views: 11,811

Comments: 5
Favourites: 15
Views: 141

Comments: 118
Favourites: 2,681
Views: 18,733

QuestionsFor the Reader

  1. Does the sheer amount of art becoming more and more available for your perusal give you a sense of excitement – or a feeling of being overwhelmed and anxious that you’ll never be able to take it all in?
  2. Do you think you personally have enough of a power of discernment to be able to separate important and meaningful from superfluous art?
  3. While being able to discern between what is “important” and what is “fun” art, is it your feeling that frivolous art meant simply for enjoyment is just as important as more substantial meaningful art?
  4. What if anything will be the personal impact on your life of the arrival of the Singularity in regard to your relationship with the arts?

Thank you for a successful first round!

On May 1, 2012, deviantART introduced the Creative Grants program -- a source of funding allowing artists to make creative dreams a reality. We're pleased to announce the first cycle of funding has ended and we've received over 500 applications! Thank you to each and everyone who submitted their creative project. You can check out the recipients and their projects here!

Get ready for the next cycle!

We'd also like to announce that our next cycle of funding is now open. Apply by describing the artistic endeavor of your dreams through our official application form. If you didn't get a chance to participate in the last round, now's the time to get involved! 


We're looking for exciting and art-related projects that need a little push financially. Think devious!

Here are a few examples of what Creative Grants could be used for:

  • Installation of an art exhibition
  • Additional artist materials or resources to support the production or public display of art
  • A piece of work that requires specific tools
  • Costs to run a creative event

If you're looking for money to pay your rent, go to classes, upgrade your Group to Super status, buy a Premium Membership or pay off your student loans, this is not for you.


Applications will be reviewed by the Creative Grants Board, which consists of staff, volunteers and senior members. All applications in a given cycle will be reviewed by members of the Board fairly and Grants will be given to as few or as many as the review panel deems appropriate within the budget of available funds. The Creative Grants Board will pick those projects that they believe will benefit particularly from a Grant and give those artists the support they need to make it happen. Grants will range between $250 and $750 for this cycle of funding, with a total funding of $10,000 available. 

Who Can Apply?

This opportunity is open to all deviants across the globe who are 13 years of age and older with a registered deviantART account.


  • On 3 month cycles, deviantART will accept applications from artists seeking to fund art-related projects. Please do not apply for a project scheduled to take place within the next 3 months. Plan ahead!
  • Applications can only be made using the official Creative Grants form.
  • Use of funds should be scheduled to take place within 3 months of receipt of the Creative Grants.
  • If your application is approved, you will be expected to post a Journal and photographs to show off some element of the project that received funding. We want to see the results of your hard work and what we helped support!
  • Until you receive a Grant, you can continue to apply, but a deviant can only make one application in any given three month cycle, and once s/he receives a Grant s/he is ineligible for future Grants for a period of 2 years.

What happens If you receive a Creative Grant?

The lucky few who are chosen to receive Grants will also be given a beautiful accolade on their deviantART Profile Page to celebrate their success.

Remember to check back to hq soon for the announcement of the recipients!

In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.

What's New

Request Refunds for Premium Content

Screen Shot 2012-07-26 at 1.19.23 PM by danlev

DeviantART's Premium Content Platform, which provides the ability for content creators to become sellers and generate real earnings, now gives buyers the ability to request refunds. If a member purchases a download from a seller and they are unhappy with the purchase, they may request a refund. The seller can then approve or deny the refund.

Everyone makes mistakes — it's possible that the seller made a error or was unaware that their description was unclear. We recommend that you communicate with the seller about your concerns via a private Note before requesting a refund — in many cases, a resolution can be reached without a refund being necessary. If, however, you feel that a refund is called for, you can do so by going to your Order History page, finding the specific order you want a refund for, clicking "Details", and then clicking the Request Refund button on the Order Details page. 

Once a refund is requested, then it is up to the seller to approve it. Note that you can only request a refund up to 7 days after the date of purchase.

The refund tool gives members more control over managing their reputation as a seller. Remember: We are gradually opening the Premium Content Platform to more artists to sell their content. Currently, only a small segment of deviants have been granted the privilege to sell. Those who have the ability to sell will be notified with a Hot Topic notification in their Message Center.

Change Log

  • Formatting of the "Popular Polls" section of the Today page could be broken by a poll title. Fixed by shadowhand
  • Under some conditions, there were an assortment of errors when submitting one journal to multiple groups. Fixed by ZombieCoder and kemayo
  • Drag and drop collecting from the site footer was broken. Fixed by ZombieCoder
  • The Outgoing Link page was messing up URLs from the deviantID widget. Fixed by shadowhand
  • Expired llama trade offers were showing. Fixed by shadowhand
  • Enhancements were made to the Help Desk contact form. Fixed by DEVlANT
  • Mature content "display anyway" functionality was broken on Prints pages. Fixed by DEVlANT
  • Superwide deviations exposed an inconsistency on deviation page backgrounds when scrolled. Fixed by muteor
  • Transient llama trade "bad referrer" errors were identified. Fixed by ZombieCoder

  • When leaving a comment on a item and then navigating between items with the arrow keys, the posted comment would disappear. Fixed by kouiskas
  • When entering a stack or a specific item, the page wouldn't remember where you had scrolled to. Fixed by kouiskas
  • When viewing someone else's link, the favicon is now the owner's avatar. Fixed by aMoniker
  • The backspace and delete keys stopped working when editing titles. Fixed by kouiskas
  • When returning to the main page from a stack or item, the view would reload even when nothing had changed. Fixed by kouiskas
  • When opening a stack using the edit URL, the title and description wouldn't be editable. Fixed by kouiskas
  • The Submit button didn't actively show that the item was being submitted. Fixed by samshull
  • The old title and description would stick when reopening an item after editing those fields. Fixed by kouiskas
  • The magnifier preview icon appeared when the description was empty, which could have been confusing. Fixed by kouiskas
  • Keyboard navigation wouldn't work when browsing a shared stack. Fixed by kouiskas
  • Keyboard navigation wasn't working in IE8. Fixed by kouiskas
  • Opening items in deviantART Muro wouldn't work. Fixed by kouiskas Writer

  • The link to submit a skin in the skin editor led to the wrong category. Fixed by kemayo
  • Writer will now automatically add a new line after inserting a deviation from the sidebar. Fixed by kemayo
  • Writer now shows the last autosave time in the file menu. Fixed by kemayo
  • Image resize handles sometimes stuck around after the image was deleted. Fixed by Alisey
  • deviantART Muro redraws can be embedded as either an image or an iframe, defaulting to iframe. Fixed by Alisey
  • Smarter resizing in Writer: won't go above natural image sizes, won't show resizers on really small images, and resizing an image down past a certain point switches it to thumbnail mode. Fixed by Alisey
  • Changing skins broke the skin edit modal. Fixed by inazar

Your Feedback

Thanks so much for the feedback in last week's Site Update!
  • Our team is thrilled with the amount of feedback we received about the products offered in the deviantART Shop. The suggestions will be very useful as we continue to improve the Shop! Members mentioned various things they'd like to see in the Shop, including t-shirts, stickers, buttons, phone cases, postcards and several other things!
  • Itti mentioned wanting to be able to purchase greeting cards individually, rather than in sets. katr14 suggested being able to buy bags with art prints on them.
  • It'd be helpful to be able to pull files from within to use as preview images/sellable content, when selling Premium Content. From ~ze-gobou and Majnouna
  • Being able to view more than just the recent comments left by a deviant. From ~storystosee
  • Add a "use deviation" option when editing your avatar. From *Eemeling
  • A "Go Back" button on deactivated/page not found pages. From LoveRobin
  • When browsing through the list of people you watch, it should show the last date they submitted a deviation. From ~jana-Z95
  • Add the ability to move a deviation to Scraps using the gallery pencil tool. From Flatberry PrinceOwl Filly8
  • It'd be useful to have a rotate image feature in From ~Sablestripe


New Feature Sneak Peek: More Like This
With nearly a quarter of a billion deviations and over 23 million members on deviantART, we're always looking for ways to improve our browsing and discovery experience. After a great deal of work, we're finally ready to give you a sneak peek of our new browsing experience that's coming soon: More Like This!

More Like This is a new way to discover content on deviantART. When you find a deviation you like, it allows you to explore through to other deviations, artists, and collections that are relevant to what you're looking at and what you're looking for. With More Like This, deep diving through millions of pieces of amazing content is about to get easier!  You'll be able to browse endlessly through a stream of content and then continuously change your path to see a different stream of results.

MLT browse thumb only n01 by nutnics

MLT browse thumb only n02 by nutnics

MLT browse thumb only n03 by nutnics

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