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Comic-Con: Day 4

Mon Jul 16, 2012, 9:08 PM by Heidi:iconheidi:
On Sunday, the 4th and final day of San Diego Comic-Con, we were able to keep the love flowing to show the artists and art enthusiasts who came by our booth just how much they meant to us.

The last day of Comic-Con is always bittersweet. The air buzzes with positivity, inspiration, and camaraderie, but in the back of your mind, you know it may be another year before you see some of these friends, old and new. Sure, we always have the Internet, but there's something special about meeting in real life that can’t compare to flipping through a portfolio of sketches, laughing out loud with your peers, and supporting artists’ hard work right then and there.

There was rarely a moment when one of our seven kiosks wasn’t occupied by an artist. Young or old, newbie or professional, digital or traditional, the chance to sit down and create art was difficult to pass up with inspiration coming from every direction.

A view from the deviantART booth, looking out at the convention floor.

With a handful of deviantART staffers standing by to answer questions, hand out swag, or grin with delight when they met a deviant they’d been following for years, every one of us walked away from the convention with hearts full of memories we'll never forget.

It was great seeing families come up to our booth, excited, wanting to share the community with their kids. Usually it's the other way around — teenagers trying to explain deviantART to their parents. There was some of the latter, but primarily what we noticed was the older generation wanting to pass the community on to their kids, or even grandchildren in some cases.

spyed watches a young pre-deviant use deviantART muro to draw a landscape of his favorite game.

Every year deviantART is a part of Comic-Con, we learn more about how to make the next even better. This year, we had more panels, more schwag to hand out, more ways to make the artists in the alley feel the love. And we have a whole year ahead to come up with how awesome we know Comic-Con 2013 will be.

And don't worry -- we'll soon be releasing video of every aspect deviantART could capture on film, so you can experience what it was like to attend from the comfort of your home.  Get excited for some exclusive interviews with artists, insider tips and tricks from our hosted panels, and so much more.

Not all Poison Ivys at Comic-Con were cosplayers. Leeahd took the time to make this villain digital.

As we mentioned in an earlier recap, we’re looking for ideas on how to make meeting up with large groups of deviants even more frequent. You may have read about our Paris deviantMEET, our London deviantMEET, and our first-ever Gallery Show in London, and we want to hear from you.

- What conventions should we go to in the future?
- What towns does deviantART need to visit next to hold a deviantMEET?
- What sorts of get-togethers would be perfect for deviantART to show up and crash?
- Please leave your ideas in the comments below!

All deviantART staffers in attendance take a moment to pose beneath our rotating sign!

Much was achieved with our sponsorship of Artists' Alley; however, none of it would have been possible without makepictures and techgnotic. Thanks to their tireless efforts and passion, we were able to further deviantART's commitment to entertaining, empowering, and inspiring the artist in all of us.

Ultimately, though, we need to sincerely thank each and every deviant and/or art lover who stopped by our booth and warmed our hearts with tales of their artistic journey.  It's thanks to them, and deviants around the world, that deviantART is able to provide an environment of creative integrity and purpose.

~Heidi and LaurenKitsune

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Comic-Con: Day 3

Sun Jul 15, 2012, 2:37 AM by Heidi:iconheidi:
Saturday kicked off Day 3 of Comic-Con, and the crowds poured onto the convention floor to start the weekend in Geek Style.

At noon, deviantART hosted our final panel: How to Supercharge Your deviantART Profile Like the Masters.  Moderated by none other than our fearless ninja, Angelo (aka spyed), we were honored to have the following superstars share their deviantART experiences with the crowd:

- Adam Warren (AdamWarren -- “The Dirty Pair,” “Empowered”)
- Mark Brooks (diablo2003, from Marvel Comics)
- Jim Zubkavich (Zubby -- Project Manager of Creative Services, Udon Entertainment)
- Dave Elliott (DeevElliott -- “Heavy Metal Magazine”)
- Wenqing Yan (yuumei, creator of “Knite,” “1000 W0RDS”)
- Kevin Eastman (Kevineastman -- co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
- Chris Sanders (alohalilo creator of “Lilo & Stitch”)

It was truly a remarkable and informative hour.  Brains were picked from every angle and our panelists described everything from the importance of joining deviantART, to how maintaining one's Profile Page can help launch a career.  (Fear not!  If you weren’t able to attend in person, word on the street is that video highlights may be showing up on hq in the near future.)

spyed hosts our "Supercharge Your Profile" panel.

As things were winding down, each panelist was asked to summarize the best piece of advice they wanted to impress on the crowd.  The following is a quick soundbite of what each had to say.

Be persistent, relentless, and unstoppable, even when you want to stop. Especially when you want to stop.
-Adam Warren (AdamWarren)

Thrive on criticism. 
-Mark Brooks (diablo2003)

Create something that's genuine and something you like. 
-Jim Zubkavich (Zubby)

Don’t be a lurker. Be positive and that will come back to you. 
-Dave Elliott (DeevElliott)

Don't be afraid.  Everyone starts out not being awesome.  Immerse yourself in the process, and before you know it, you'll be great. 
-Wenqing Yan (yuumei)

Whatever you think is art... is art. Period. 
-Kevin Eastman (Kevineastman)

Whatever you do, try and put a story in your work.  It will make you a better artist. 
-Chris Sanders (alohalilo)

With our last panel out of the way, we were free to focus our energies in other directions, while the deviantART booth in Artists’ Alley buzzed along like clockwork.

DaneRot spends his downtime by sketching Hulk!

Besides the myriad amazing reasons we had to be psyched about coming to Comic-Con, this year was especially exciting, because we just launched our Premium Content Platform earlier this week. It’s always a good feeling to launch a new feature that we know will enrich the lives of deviants, but to launch something that directly benefits artists and generates them real earnings, well, you can understand that we’d be brimming with excitement to spread that news to everyone we meet.

Friend of deviantART Uwe Maurer of Ambient Design brought spyed and me (Heidi) to The Art Department’s booth to talk about some really exciting things.  Most of them we have to keep hush-hush for now, but what we can say is that there may be some interesting ways for Premium Content to kick-start their students’ portfolios and careers.

We were also thrilled to hear that, while we were running around Comic-Con, Bleeding Cool wrote an article about the potential impact Premium Content offers independent artists.

Since we had a camera crew hanging around for some interviews we planned to do with artists, we thought we’d learn a little more about the artists that make up Comic-Con. Today, spyed was able to make his way through the artists sitting in the Small Press section. As you can see, there were some pretty big hearts inside the artists in Small Press.

Walking around outside of Artists’ Alley also meant getting to spend time at some of the other booths we’d been rushing past, promising to return to for two days now. marioluevanos and LaurenKitsune took a few moments to dig through bins to recreate the deviantART logo on the giant LEGO wall!

Last year (which was deviantART’s first year sponsoring Artists' Alley), we offered two scholarships to artists emerging artists who'd always dreamt of going to Comic-Con.  It was such a success that, this year, we offered six scholarships, and set them up near the deviantART booth.

On Thursday, we hosted mleiv and larkinheather, while Friday saw the arrival of UNDERANANGEL and SpyrosVerykios-ComiX. Today, we had super artists and deviants Mogorron and sambees. Though weary from travel, they were excited to display their works in Artists' Alley, meet professionals in their industry, and have their portfolios reviewed by the experts!

Other Happenings

chriscopeland and jeffwamester use deviantART muro.

damphyr and megturney battle it out as Wolverine and Mulan.

The amazingness that is cosplayers attending Comic-Con.

Follow deviantart on Twitter for the chance to win free Fella!

That about wraps up Day 3 of Comic-Con, and we all know what that means -- tomorrow is the final and saddest day of Comic-Con.    However, we're trying to make the good cheer last as long as we can before we start X-ing out the calendar days until Comic-Con 2013.

~Heidi and LaurenKitsune

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Comic-Con: Day 2

Sat Jul 14, 2012, 1:57 AM by Heidi:iconheidi:
Comic-Con Day 2 was all about cosplay, fandom, and art, art, art!  

Before we get into the thick of things, we didn’t have a photo of our huge plasma screens hanging from the convention ceiling to share in our Day 1 recap, so we vowed to get that to you today!  The 11 foot wide screens stream amazing works of art from Artists' Alley participants to the whole convention floor!    

In Comic-Cons past, the foot traffic In Artists’ Alley got busier and busier as the week progressed, and this year is no exception. There’s something magical about speaking one-on-one with a deviant, learning their experiences, hearing how they started as an artist, and how far they’ve come. It’s an emotional connection to make with someone who was practically a stranger a few moments ago -- and then you realize you’re not really strangers when you’re part of such a welcoming community. We all start somewhere, learn and grow along the way, and then challenge ourselves to be better and meet new goals.

EDWARDJCHUA draws Batman as a squirrel, as requested by Ayame-Kenoshi!

A steampunk-rock deviant named ducky-overlord, a member of deviantART for over 9 years, came to our booth today with exciting news to share. Not only was she thrilled to be at the convention and meeting fellow deviants, but she received her first ever Daily Deviation today! And it's no wonder she did. This steampunk-inspired mask is incredible!

Today’s deviantART-related panel was hosted by our very own Josh Wattles, aka makepictures, who spoke to a rapt crowd on the topic of fan art law and copyright. It was sure to be a popular subject, because not only was the crowd comprised of those who love and create fan art, but also artists who create original works who wanted to learn to keep their intellectual property protected. Josh won over both sides with a Fan Art Copyright 101, seamlessly integrating basic definitions with explanations of the trickier facets of the law, peppered with humorous case studies involving Darth Maul, Harry Potter fan fiction, and bronies.

Josh's presentation featured a piece by  kozispoon, who drew Josh in the style of a My Little Pony.

The panel included an expert -- technically, he was a composite of artists who walk the fine line of producing fan art pre-professionally -- who, through the miracle of voice modulation to keep his identity a secret, spoke about his experience working for the comic industry while still being a fan art fanatic.

The mysterious guest.

Because deviantART staff know how to play while they work, megturney spent her day conducting interviews with Artists' Alley participants, all while cosplaying as Superhero Mulan. We were lucky enough to sit down for a moment with AlexGarner, who only had a bit of time to spare before running off to finish a cover for a new DC comic. Work hard, play hard!

megturney keeps AlexGarner on the topic of DC, so he can brainstorm as he interviews.

The cosplaying didn’t end with Superhero Mulan.  megturney also organized her Superhero Disney Princess pals and anyone they could katamari over with them. See how many characters you can name!

In the midst of the whirlwind action of panels, interviews, and cosplaying, deviantART’s booth in the alley continued to be a popular spot for artists to sit down and create after all the inspiration they’d seen on the convention floor...which in turn inspired onlookers to wait for their turn to create, and it was basically one giant ball of creativity and awesomeness.

greenestreet poses behind his clever Avengers/Justice League crossover.

Comic-Con has certainly influenced hokepalakiko as he draws the Man of Steel.

We know how difficult it may be for people in other countries and even as close as other states to make it to Comic-Con. Even though you may not be able to make it physically, we’re hoping these pictures are the next best thing. And if the inspiration you’ve seen here has moved you to create a drawing -- in deviantART muro or elsewhere -- post a link to it in the comments, because we’d love to check it out.

Before you go, a little Batman eye candy.  Just because!

That's a wrap for Day 2!

~Heidi and LaurenKitsune

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Comic-Con: Day 1

Fri Jul 13, 2012, 2:14 AM by Heidi:iconheidi:
San Diego Comic-Con Day 1 is winding down to such wee hours, some sticklers might call it “Technically A Few Moments Into Day 2.” But we live by the belief that new days don’t technically start until after you’ve fallen asleep, and all of the deviantART staff in attendance are still buzzing with energy after such an amazing first day on the convention floor.

For those of you unable to make it to San Diego, allow us to paint a picture for you.

Try not to get hypnotized as our deviantART signage spins from the convention ceiling!

The first thing you see as you walk in the door (provided you walk in at door G) is the radiant deviantART band of hope hanging from the ceiling like a beacon for artists and art lovers to join their devious brethren at the mecca of creativity: Artists’ Alley.

Like last year, deviantART is sponsoring the alley, offering comic artists comfy seats, slick carpeting, deviantART swag, and the contentment that comes from knowing how awesome deviantART thinks they are.

We've provided not one, but two huge display screens streaming art from artists within Artists' Alley -- one showcasing portrait-style art, the other rotated to feature landscape. The displays, measuring roughly 11 feet wide, are hung from the convention ceiling right over the alley for all to see, beckoning everyone to come closer and meet these legends in person.

endosage and mattdanna prepare the booth.

The deviantART booth itself features kiosks with chairs for weary walkers -- and not the undead kind or those from Westeros. Six of the kiosks feature iMacs and Intuos tablets, ready for anyone who wants to play with deviantART muro. The seventh kiosk features a 24-inch Cintiq where newbies and pros alike can enter into the digital artist’s playground that is so much fun, it frequently requires a wipe-down after patrons and staff alike drool on it in amazement.

It didn’t take long for artists to flock to our humble corner and let their imaginations run wild. Darke-Imp and her friend took a few minutes to whip up a devilish Dante from the video game “Devil May Cry.”

mejia29 stood by this piece he called “one of the best things he’s ever made,” and we were honored to be right there for the historic moment.

Comic-Con wouldn’t be complete without sassy Marvel characters, so xashe drew us one of the craziest of them all: Deadpool.

MarceloBriseno stopped by Artists’ Alley again this year to whip up a quick “Empty Skull” portrait, and it looks amazing.

It's Franchesco!

One of our favorite things about walking through the alley and talking to the artists is that they each have a story. They each had a dream they pursued and the perseverance to hone their talent, and it’s truly an inspiration to all of us. There are many paths that they may have taken to end up in the alley, but the looks on their faces when a fan comes up for an autograph or to purchase some original art is so awe-inspiring and motivational, it reminds us staffers why deviantART loves Artists’ Alley.

danlev agrees!  Comics are art.

Day 1 is coming to a close (we still haven’t gone to bed yet! It’s still Day 1!), and we can barely wait to get going on Day 2. Who knows what the future will hold? More comic book purchases? New, awesome panels to attend? A shy deviant quietly creating a breathtaking masterpiece on deviantART muro as a crowd looks on in awe? Well, we can tell you that ALL OF THESE THINGS WILL DEFINITELY HAPPEN, but you’ll have to tune in to our next Journal to see just how they go!

~Heidi and LaurenKitsune

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Site Update: Premium Content Platform

Thu Jul 12, 2012, 11:03 PM

In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.

What's New

    DeviantART is proud to announce our Premium Content Platform — providing the ability for content creators to become sellers and generate real earnings by making digital files of their high-quality work available for download. Sellers are able to set their own prices while retaining 80% of all revenue earned, and buyers are able to quickly get the things they want with the satisfaction of supporting the artists they love.

      Every year, San Diego Comic-Con hosts a gallery of artists in what's known as Artists' Alley.  And, for the second year in a row, it's with great honor that deviantART is proud to sponsor the Alley!  For those of you unable to make it to San Diego, allow us to paint a picture for you!  

      Change Log
      • Drag and drop collecting was broken on Daily Deviations page. Fixed by shadowhand
      • Clicking on the preview body of a note in the Message Centre would not open the note. Fixed by $DEVlANT
      • A very limited number of image deviations were loading as literature. Fixed by $ZombieCoder
      • Comments left on older journals were not displaying properly in the Message Centre. Fixed by $kemayo
      • Sometimes Redraws would change the zoom on the last frame of playback.  Fixed by $mudimba
      • Some redraws would get "stuck" on playback.  Fixed by $mudimba
      • A bug in Google Chrome would cause improper behavior of the Halftone brush in rare conditions.  Fixed by $mudimba
      • Making marks without moving the mouse or pen would result in improper brush behavior.  Fixed by $mudimba

      • Under some circumstances, the publishing options wouldn't appear on Writer items.  Fixed by $aMoniker
      • Members couldn't delete descriptions using the inline edit box on the item page.  Fixed by $aMoniker
      • When editing the description inline, the old text would sometimes vanish.  Fixed by $aMoniker
      • When pressing the command key and middle clicking on the view button, it did not open deviations in a new tab. Fixed by $kemayo Writer
      • The old journal editor skin thumbs were jumping around when they were hovered over. Fixed by $inazar
      • When inserting deviations using the "link" menu, all deviantART URLs were being interpreted as deviations. Fixed by $Alisey
      • Fixed an issue where adding links would display the actual HTML when published. Fixed by $Alisey
      • Content after embedded items in Writer sometimes disappeared when the page was reloaded. Fixed by $Alisey

      Your Feedback
        In last week's Site Update, we asked you about how you feel about the way deviantART gathers member feedback.
        • Some users like the way we gather suggestions currently, as it ensures that staff interacts with the community. Others would like to see a more unified means of gathering feedback/suggestions. "There's three very different places to suggest things, not including individual messages to staff members" neurotype pointed out.
        • In response to the emoticon legend suggestions from last week, Satsumo mentioned several other suggestions for improvement.
        • Kat-Anni and several other members mentioned that they'd like to see a public list of suggestions that are being considered (or not considered).
        • KinnoHitsuji brought up several Group suggestions, including being able to organize affiliates, alphabetizing gallery and favourite folders, and being able to view a list of Groups a user is a member of when submitting a new deviation.
        joannastar created a mockup of how the deviantART Visual Suggestions gallery could be improved by adding an "I support this" button on deviations.

        Suggestion: Suggestion Gallery by joannastar

        :lightbulb: Discuss
        Our new Premium Content Platform, which is being rolled out to members over the next several weeks, allows artists to sell  high-quality content — everything from comics or stories for download, to high-res files like .PSDs, textures, tutorials, brush packs, and more!

        If you've sold your content in the past, or are planning on doing so now, what type of content are you interested in selling? Our Platform is in Beta and we will be continuing to upgrade it, so we'd like to know what types of content members are most interested in so that we can better support them.

         Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment on this article!
        :bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk(Be as detailed as possible!)

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