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In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.

What's New

Prints Integration on Deviation Pages (Beta Testers Only)

Today we're bringing you an easier way to purchase art on deviantART! When viewing a deviation that is enabled as a Print, you'll be met with a sleek new menu that is designed to be simple, straightforward, and encouraging. 

Group Journal Editing in Writer (Beta Testers Only)

In addition, we're bringing you a feature that makes it easier for members to collaborate using Group Journals. Admins who have Journal editing privileges can now edit Journals posted by others. The feature makes it easier to edit, maintain and collaborate within your Group.

Change Log

  • Some country domain email addresses were not accepted for creating Shop accounts. Fixed by shahyarg
  • The Deviants widget on Groups pages did not respect the order preference set in the widget. Fixed by randomduck
  • On the blog entry page, the text area scrollbar was getting clipped off in Internet Explorer. Fixed by shahyarg
  • The Donate Points widget was not actually invisible prior to a donation goal being set. Fixed by randomduck
  • Ads were temporarily broken in IE8. Fixed by ZombieCoder
  • The iOS6 browser was released with a bug that caches certain requests. Worked around by shahyarg
  • The quality assurance control system on Prints orders was not properly releasing some Prints after they were approved. Fixed by randomduck
  • Sold out or discontinued deviantARTGear had a possibility of getting stuck in the shopping cart. Fixed by KnightAR
  • In the payment details section of a purchase, there was no way to cancel entering a new card. Fixed by shahyarg
  • The search bar in a deviant's Gallery looked and behaved differently than the one on their Journal. Fixed by shahyarg
  • deviantART was not properly capitalized in some places. Fixed by shahyarg
  • Clicking the "Next" button for comments would occasionally break the page. Fixed by kouiskas
  • Opening the File and Edit menus would cause a Javascript error in Internet Explorer. Fixed by kouiskas
  • For Android, the Camera option would be available when pressing upload. Fixed by kouiskas
  • .TIFF files now automatically have a preview image and thumbnail. Fixed by kouiskas Writer

  • The literature toolbar would occasionally double-initialize, making it look like the default settings weren't loaded. Fixed by kemayo

Your Feedback

Thank you all for the feedback left on last week's update! Here's some of what you had to say.
  • In response to our asking about the Prints submission process, several users mentioned that being prompted to submit every image deviation as a Print was cumbersome, particularly when submitting works in progress.
  • Bloodsong13T and overseer mentioned that selecting options when setting up or editing Prints submissions can become tedious.
  • Feedback regarding the suggestion about comments auto-updating was mixed. Some were pleased with the idea, while others felt it was more distracting than helpful.
  • Deviants would like a way to preview how their art will look when printed before submitting it as a Print. Suggested by overseer
  • Some deviants would like an easier way to create sub-bullets in lists, in Writer. Suggested by Katara-Alchemist
  • Deviants would like to send notes from a Group account. Suggested by aboveClouds 
  • It would be helpful for a deviation sold as a Print to show the number of sales it has had. Suggested by Blue-Koi
  • Some deviants would like to be able to embed video into their portfolios. Suggested by Su5anLee 
  • Deviants would like to be able to download drawings they've done in deviantART muro from their Suggested by Mattehboy


The Friends System
The Watch feature allows you to follow your favourite artist's artwork and activity, while also giving you the ability to mark other deviants as being your friend. How would you like to see the friends system be improved? What features would you like it to have?

Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment on this article!
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:bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk(Be as detailed as possible!)


ast week we published the video of Josh Wattles, makepictures Fan Art Law panel from Comic-Con. An educative, passionate and very enlightening conversation soon followed in the comments section. You can participate in that conversation here.

This week the superstars of deviantART panel will provide unique insight and advice for artists on the rise in the deviantART community.

Being a member of the deviantART community might be the most important support system a young artists could ever hope to have. That being said, there is also the problem of finding a way to stand out when surrounded by so many fellow talented artists. What are the ways, the secrets, of shining a light on one’s own work? Profile presentation is key. And perhaps no better way of helping deviants achieve the maximum possible impact by creating the very best presentation of their profile and presence on their individual profiles, is to hear from an inspiring group of artists who joined us for a panel discussion on exactly that subject.

The artists who were kind enough to share their thoughts with spyed on this panel may represent divergent currents within the deviantART community, but they share the one imperative of always lending advice and assistance to fellow artists. Whether an artist is a veteran of a lifetime of barely scraping by in the arts, or the hottest thing hanging in galleries, all true artists are of one current forever flowing through the world, all travelers on the same course working toward truth and beauty through creativity.

Something that came to mind when re-watching this discussion during the editing process was the feeling that all of the panelists felt very connected to the deviantART community. They are part of a network of endless support and inspiration that means as much to them now at this point in their career as it did when they were just starting out. I was reminded of this when I came across this deviation from Artgerm last week...

His quote in the comments below the image brought me right back to that thought I was having while watching this panel unfold live at Comic-Con. He said:

"I strongly believe that this is the most inspirational deviation that I ever submitted. So print it out and hang it on your wall and scream "I can do it too!"

Featured PanelistsInclude:


Adam Warren


The Dirty Pair (Dark Horse), Empowered (Dark Hourse)

Chris Sanders

:iconalohalilo: alohalilo

Lilo & Stich creator (Disney), How to Train Your Dragon (DreamWorks)

Dave Elliot

:icondeevelliott: DeevElliott

Comic industry veteran, writer and editor of over 10,000 comics projects

Jim Zubkavich

:iconzubby: Zubby

Artist, Writer and Project Manager of Creative Services, Udon Entertainment (UdonCrew),

Kevin Eastman

:iconkevineastman: Kevineastman

Co-creator of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise and Publisher of Heavy Metal Magazine

Mark Brooks

:icondiablo2003: diablo2003

Marvel Comics

Yuumei (Wenqing Yan)

:iconyuumei: yuumei

Digital Artist and Cyber-Activist

Previously, the process for submitting Premium Content required you to submit the "preview" file as a deviation, go through the submission process, and then attach the Premium Content by uploading files from your computer.

We just upgraded the Premium Content submission process to allow you to attach Premium Content files from your

This new feature makes it easier to submit Premium Content by allowing you to upload multiple files at once. On top of that, because files uploaded to can be attached as Premium Content, you can now include Writer and deviantART muro files as part of your downloadable content!

On the submission process, click "Attach Content from your":

Then, attach content from your or upload files from your computer:

This feature will be rolling out to deviants who have the ability to sell Premium Content over the next several hours. During this period, you may experience some hiccups with the Premium Content feature as we transition to the new system.

The Premium Content Platform is currently in BETA, but will be open for all users in the future. Read more.

In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.

What's New

Film & Animation Improvements

Last week we launched some much-needed improvements to Film & Animation to the Beta Tester program, and the changes were so well-received that we're making them available to everyone. Here's a run-down of what's been changed.

Film Submission Through is now properly equipped to support film submissions! can now store and submit film files the same way other filetypes can be stored and submitted.

Film Deviation Page Changes

We've upgraded the layout of Film deviation pages to be more consistent with the rest of deviantART's deviation pages!

New Film by wreckling

While a film is playing, the artist's comments and comments left by other deviants will disappear, so that you can focus on the film without distraction or outside interference. As you reach a point in the film where other users have left annotations, these annotations will appear briefly, and then disappear again.

Film Playing by wreckling

When the video is paused, you'll be prompted with a comment box, so that you can leave annotations at specific points within the film, just like you could before this upgrade. This allows for an up-to-date look and feel without compromising functionality. In addition, comments left as annotations will include the time the comment was left, as easy reference for any deviant reading through the comments!

Film Paused by wreckling

Volume, resolution, and fullscreen controls are all present before the video even starts, for easy adjusting without having to search for options. In addition, when hovering over the resolution button, you'll be prompted with the various resolutions the filmmaker has offered for that particular film.

Film Resolution by wreckling

Creator Comments

The last change we have for Film is the inclusion of the Creator notification, which was mentioned in the Discuss section of last week's Site Update. Before, comments left by the creator of a film would be indistinguishable from other comments left on the deviation, which made it easy for the artist's thoughts and opinions to be buried among the rest of feedback left. As of today, comments left by the deviation creator can be distinguished with a lighter color, and a small box next to their username specifying  that they are the creator of that film.

TLeB0 by wreckling

Try it out! To give the new Film layout a try, just head to the Film & Animation gallery and watch some films! 

HTML Improvements to Writer

When Writer was originally launched, it was a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) writing engine, which allowed you to see a live preview of what your journal, blog, poem or story would look like and edit its appearance by highlighting text and clicking buttons. One of the more common pieces of feedback we got from deviants about Writer was that it wasn't as useful for members who want more control over their layout, or want to be able to use their own HTML to give what they wrote that extra bit of flair.

To make Writer a better experience for anyone who uses it, we have made Writer into a "what you see is what you type" editor, which means that you can seamlessly use both the WYSIWYG editor and your own custom HTML at the same time! Any HTML you type will be retained for easy editing, even after you save your work!

Head over to Writer to give it a try!

Change Log

  • For a small number of users with an extremely high number of Gallery Folders or Collections, the Gallery and/or Favourites pages weren't loading correctly. Fixed by ZombieCoder
  • Group Invitations and Join Requests were available for sets that were not opened for joining for some groups, resulting in error. Fixed by randomduck
  • The URL of downloaded image deviations could be better represented in the location bar of webkit browsers. Fixed by ZombieCoder
  • When editing non-image deviations, it was possible to turn on watermarks, which made no sense. Fixed by KnightAR
  • In the Premium Content modal, the Download & Purchase button was getting cropped off screen in Firefox. Fixed by shahyarg
  • Some modal windows (such as Give Points and +Watch) and Group widget layouts briefly broke. Fixed by drommk
  • The pencil menu on user Galleries was out of place. Fixed by ZombieCoder
  • Pagination was not working in the "Recent Journal Entries" widget. Fixed by shahyarg
  • The Publish Entry button on the Journal page was briefly not working in IE9.

  • The category selector was broken for a short period.  Fixed by kouiskas
  • When opening small items in, they appeared zoomable when they were already displayed at the maximum size.  Fixed by kouiskas
  • Items that were undeletable and dislayed "deleted content" as their title have been cleaned up.  Fixed by kouiskas Writer

  • Journals submitted through the old Journal Entry page now get the same rules applied to their title as Journals submitted through Writer. Fixed by Alisey

Your Feedback

Thanks very much for the feedback on last week's Site Update! Here's some of what you had to say.
  • Several users liked the Creator Comment feature added to film pages, and some users mentioned that they would like to see it used everywhere on site. However, some users mentioned having issues with the Creator label. Negai-Boshi and a few other users mentioned that the color of the button is a bit too bold, and that a lighter color may be more ideal. 
  • Some users mentioned that the Creator label wasn't necessary, but the brighter comment color was distinguishing enough, while others said that the Creator label was enough, and the color change was unnecessary.
  • Many users liked the suggestion regarding a filter to find works with Creative Commons licenses, and feedback regarding a higher limit for avatar file size was unanimously positive.
  • Deviants would like a notification of how much time is left before they can submit to a Group again. Suggested by AnkaAI3 
  • Members would like a way to add text to deviantART muro. Suggested by SuperRandomTurnip
  • An auto-save feature for Notes would be beneficial. Suggested by Arisu-Ami-Chan
  • Deviants would like for comments to auto-update when new comments are posted. Suggested by DerpyDashHooves1876


The Prints Submission Process
The deviantART Prints program allows artists to sell high-quality Prints of their work. Currently, the process of submitting your work as a Print follows after the process of submitting your art to deviantART, and can also be accessed at a later time by clicking the "Print Not Enabled" link on your own image deviations. What improvements would you like to see made to the Prints submission process?

Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment on this article!
Lightbulb Want to keep track of known issues? Check out our Status Forum!
:bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk(Be as detailed as possible!)

Have You Met Zee Captain?

Thu Sep 20, 2012, 2:37 AM by techgnotic:icontechgnotic:


Sep 19, 2012 by techgnotic

The chaptered comic strip, has been collected into a 100-page graphic novel – and to the still-uninitiated:

It is not quite like anything you’ve probably ever seen before. The story follows “Zee Captain” and his sidekicks as they amble through a post-apocalyptic landscape. And while that hardly seems new and different, it’s the unusually superlative graphic quality of the comic cells and the Monty Pythonesque dialogues and leaps of logic that can become quite mesmerizing. Zee Captain, his face hidden by a gas mask that gives him a Darth Vaderish look, wears what looks like a Soviet Red Army uniform from WWII, and the strip does have nourish WWII feel. It’s as if the nuclear holocaust on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had never ended and spread to every major city on Earth. But how did author/artist Vitaly S. Alexius achieve the unique look of this strip? Fortunately for deviants, there are helpful tutorials on his profile page.

Alexiuss’s “cinematic comics” begin with backgrounds chosen from his own vast personal collection of landscape and architectural photographs which he accrued from his years working as a freelance commercial photographer. A layered matte background is achieved from several photo sources. The storyboarding comes next, whether drawn by alexiuss himself on napkins at the local diner or under more professional conditions by an assistant. Then Vitaly and his main cohorts don costumes to become the characters of Romantically Apocalyptic and there is a greenscreen shoot with Zee Captain and others in the proper poses to be inserted against the existing matte backgrounds. The final matte “painting” creates the look of cinema cells from a most amazing movie.

Beyond Romantically Apocalyptic, alexiuss’ profile page is a genuine wonderland, featuring his unique humor in several series of comics as well as contests of his own creation. He is currently soliciting donations for a points pool from which he intends to buy deviantART subscriptions for deserving artists, donate to deserving groups and create more engaging contests

Zee Captain demands your attention be turned to getting on board this wild ride that is the Alexiuss arts juggernaut. And Zee Captain generally gets what he wants.

An interview with


Your “cinematic comic” Romantically Apocalyptic has become a worldwide phenomenon. Besides its being so unique, original and just so damn good, is there some sociological reason that you think might be driving its popularity at this point in time?


Possibly it is love for post-apocalyptic genre that drives the appreciation for the comic.


While you mastermind Romantically Apocalyptic , you have several collaborators, (some are deviantART members), who do storyboards, serve as actor/models, etc. What keeps them working on Zee Captain?


The same thing that keeps me working on Zee Captain - I love to create post-apocalyptic things and I love to share the said art with the world.


The captain is now on Facebook and Twitter. Can you speculate on the future of story narratives, in light of their increasingly serving multiple platforms in reaching their audience? Do you find this to be a pain – or a challenge?


Facebook and twitter captain provide the audience more interaction with the characters, which is lots of fun for both the creator and the audience and also they remind comic readers about release of new episodes for them to enjoy.


The sheer volume of hours you work to create each Romantically Apocalyptic episode’s panels, which includes storyboarding, greenscreen photography with live actors, and photoshop brushwork, would seem to be too massive an effort to expend on such a surreal, even “whimsical” narrative. Surely there is a message of some weight intended as we follow the semi-rational captain through the post-apoc wasteland? Do you want your fans to seriously ponder the abyss after having had their chuckle?


Yes. The fans must ponder the doom which the capitalist single-use machine is producing by slowly chipping away at the environment.


Do you still have time for your “straight” photography and non-Romantically Apocalyptic digital works, or has the captain commandeered your life wholly?


No time whatsoever, nor the studio for it. I've closed down my photography studio for the time being, as I am not even home half the time due to constant convention travels around the world. Most likely, this January I will be opening a large warehouse to shoot photography and the Romantically Apocalyptic live action series in.


Does the Romantically Apocalyptic story take place after the December 21, 2012 apocalypse? And if you and your team are still functional post-12/21/12, will Romantically Apocalyptic continue to be produced (more as a documentary than sci-fi, of course)?


Putting such dates on apocalypse is silly. The Romantically Apocalyptic story is taking place way after our lifetime, when the biosphere has been fully consumed, when all rivers have evaporated, all trees have died out, when all cities have run out of resources and the air has become too full of chemicals and too poisonous for humans to inhale without a mask.


for Artists On the Rise

  1. Try all mediums possible.

  2. Submit all attempts to deviantart and to receive critiques, to find friends and fans.

  3. Improve all skills from perspective to anatomy.

  4. Learn specific skills from online tutorials on deviantART and YouTube.

  5. Don't be scared of showing your work EVERYWHERE. Promote as much as possible.




Artist | Professional | Digital Art

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

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