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Faux Propaganda Art

Thu Nov 15, 2012, 11:31 PM
Untitled-1 by techgnotic

The Comfort of Mindless Obedience

When is information true and useful and when is it just “propaganda?” Why in fact is an image or phrase or animated art sequence “propaganda” rather than it simply being a “lie?” What about acceptable lies that define our society as much as they degrade it—for example commercials that obviously hype a product with untruths or political advertisements full of unachievable platitudes.

It can be instructive to look back at the early days of “mass society” and the need to impart vital national information before the ubiquitous presence of personal radios, televisions and telephones in every citizen’s home. World War I and World War II provided the framework worldwide for the mass “propaganda poster.” It’s amazing how similar the mass propaganda posters of the warring nations were – in their patriotic images just as much as in their simplistic messages of sacrifice and belief in the cause. Many are familiar with Uncle Sam, born in WWI and Rosie the Riveter from WWI, whose “Yes, we can,” was repurposed in the 60s and again recently as an Obama campaign maxim.

The messages seem simple and quaint today, instilling the glow of some kind of nostalgia. Yes, the point of propaganda was always to get us back in line, onto the straight and narrow for God and country or for country and religion alone, the conundrum that the opposition were doing the same was easily handleable without too much intellectual athleticism. In fact, sometimes mass conformity feels good – like a U2 concert. We’re being sold that something is way more important that it really is, but we don’t mind … so it’s “propaganda” as opposed to being a “lie.”

“We’re being sold that something is way more important that it really is, but we don’t mind … so it’s “propaganda” as opposed to being a “lie.”

“Us” vs. “Them”

In researching the subject the Mass Propaganda Poster didn’t make it through the Vietnam War era. If it showed anywhere as a graphic equivalency, it was on anti-war T-shirts. It wasn’t just improved TV technology and the daily coverage of that national struggle (in the jungles of Nam and the streets of American cities). It was also that the war was too confusing, to ambiguous, to be reduced to the simple “us” vs. “them” formula of the two wars that had come before. So iconic poster art of young American men fighting evil devils wasn’t just ineffectual, but insultingly simplistic.

So instead, the mass propaganda art posters of the 60s were the psychedelic rock-n-roll posters promoting the new phenomenon of guitar heroes. The cultural “war” it seems was better suited to the creativity of simple iconic poster art than the complex disaster of war. Of course, the use of mass propaganda in posters was reaching a zenith at the same time in China as part of the Cultural Revolution in every home, every workplace and every government operation.

Today, while “actual” political propaganda posters are still occasionally put out on the street of our cities to vex the establishment by artists like Robbie Conal, there is the new phenomenon, best exemplified by artist Shepard Fairey’s “OBEY” posters and stickers, of “faux (false) propaganda art,” which mocks and comments on the very concept of mass propaganda itself. The artworks often call up classic images from the “loose lips sink ships” days of war era propaganda to stir our patriotic fervor for battling the Sith and joining in other causes. Star Wars and Star Trek are favorite subjects used for the primary context of these fake posters, as well as many video games and movie and TV franchises. Faux propaganda memes are a regular subject for deviantART satirists as can be seen on this page.

Faux propaganda art has an eerie vibe – like playing with fire. Remember, this was the stuff utilized, for real, by feared despots to drive others to countenance the murder of millions. But now it seems so childishly safe in its simple messages. One has a feeling of nostalgia, even—as if any evil has been sapped from the subject, and with the viewer being a survivor of a bygone era. We are no doubt being manipulated and “sold” on more contemporary issues by more sophisticated means of mass propaganda flooding our brains daily—but at least these colorful beasts from the past are easily mastered for our simple enjoyment.

Once again, Do we have any scholars out there who might shed an even more educative light on the subject?

Has anyone been studying or reading extensively about the history of Propaganda Art?

Would love to hear opinions, analysis and corrections from those of you even more familiar with the history of propaganda art than I.

CommentaryFrom deviantART's Advisor in Chief

The notion of “faux propaganda” is false because it remains propaganda. When my kids asked me what I did during the Vietnam War, my answer was that I fought the war against the war in Vietnam; and that my side won. The strongest image I have of that movement is, of course, the peace sign. The second strongest is a raised red fist. The first of these symbols was borrowed from the anti-nuclear movement of the very early 1960’s. The second was borrowed from communist propaganda posters of the 1920’s and possibly earlier.

Shepard Fairey’s Obama poster was propaganda—for good, I believe, just like the peace sign—even though it owes its context to posters of Mao Tse Tung and the now high art of Andy Warhol. The red fist was propaganda for bad as it was to become to be understood and then it was used for good, as I believed; and will likely be considered bad or good again in another round of propaganda to come. But what’s interesting to me is that the stylized look of a Mao poster, the peace sign and the raised fist will always be considered propagandistic in a Pavlovian sense. You see them and you know them to be propaganda.


Questions For the Reader

  1. Do you like modern faux propaganda art or does anything recalling the Horrors of past wars still seem inappropriate as an art subject – if only because of possible inadvertent trivialization?
  2. Do you think faux war propaganda posters for movies like Star Wars raise real issues about the danger of war (like in Star Wars) ever being presented, even subconsciously, as “fun?”
  3. Are there examples of modern mass postering (like the Obama “HOPE” political posters) that still send “real” and effective messages and information?
  4. What about your own politics drives your feelings on this subject and artform?

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Odyssey Propulsion 2

Tue Nov 13, 2012, 5:52 PM

The parasite that is monstrously mutating Paul offers an alliance against Maya, Paul’s other dubious “protector.”

The parasite is Tal’Shen, spawn of Lysanna, hunted forerunner of an ancient aquatic-based intergalactic Cthulhuian-type race once again knocking on Earth’s door.  Which “female” is Paul to trust? Is the fate of humanity in question or is this all the hallucinatory fever dream of a dying man?

Only four more chapters!  Yet so many questions!

The pressure points have been set: self-survival, self-sacrifice for a greater cause, transmission of a vision of species survival and renewal, trust and deceit in equal measures possible in each relationship.  Now it’s time to for the penultimate Big Reveal as to what it’s all about – to set up the Ultimate Big Reveal to what it’s really all about!  There’s just time and space enough for you, oh skilled and devious storytellers, to twist this tale with a shaved trigger surprise gently squeezed for a most memorable mind-chilling and seared-image impact.  Time to dream big. Time to write true.  Time to make some magic…

SUBMIT Chapter 5 Literature →

SUBMIT Chapter 4 Artwork →

Recent Odyssey II Submissions

    Chapter 3 - The Progenitor by littlecrow

Odyssey II - Lysanna by Micha-vom-Wald    Light Casts Me Away by Kimbot

Recent Literature Submissions

The RoomAs I sit in the corner of this room this empty room I wonder.   I ponder all that I have seen and not.  These sentient beings within a body linger at my sanity.  They drift me in and out of consciousness.  The time bears on me like weights to a small animal.  I wait for my time of rebellion and when I can strike.  Please free me of these sentient beings they consume my thoughts and freedom.  
There across the walls of this empty room is a blackness I know all too well.  It is the darkness of my soul which is being ravaged as I think or shall I say speak?  My mind is continuous in its thoughts continuing to go on and on.  I can't stop the propulsion of these thoughts.  Who are these sisters and what of this virus that warms my body with anger?  My eyes linger on the walls and the blackness of what now seems to be shadows.  Am I going mad again?  They form into a head then a body.  It's crouched down into a small
    MemoriamIt's been so long considering the absence of time.
To glitter incessantly in roots and origin of sparkle twinkle glint gleam shimmer glimmer
a wink a flash a glisten.
I could see the pillars of the nation
of the mega beta and insuperable sensation.
The hazy wooden and mote inhabited house had no chance to blind your hands
It's contact and content and they all kept breathing and sharing
you can't hide in a wooden house with no locks or unfinished windows.
If we're all matter
why does it matter?
I can sell the earth at my disposal because it is me as are you
but that's unorthodox and rude
but any earth rock or time at all.
You're the last one here
you can't remember anything
except everyone leaving as if for groceries
have the house to yourself
it was built on your eyes anyway.
I can see its travel in accelerating returns
the streets resemble the railways of your mind and flesh
perfused with sludge and the vibrant colors at sunset
they are there because of your disposition to the complex
Saqlain Mallick
Every day I weak up
And start my daily chart,
I fell it's going away from me
I see it fall apart.
I do those things I never Loved to
I throw stone in bee hive,
I screw up things that I wanted to solve
Cause it just not in my life.
When I get on a bus
and the bus engine start,
I lose some touch with me
I lose touch with my heart.
When I see man are crazy
They don't Even Say Good Bye,
I blame me and I slap my head
And say why I just don't die.
Whenever I look at the birds
and the blue sky,
It come to me and give me space
Let my heart also fly.
When I hear the sound of wind
I see the tree and sun,
They make me feel so good
And I also have fun.
When I see green grass on gray field
It makes me happy it makes me filled,
It gives me pleasure it gives me joy
When I see a girl playing with her toy.
They all are little things
And tiny in my view,
The whole thing comes to me
When I talk to you.
    What does anything mean, anyway.What did it mean?
A time machine would wipe it clean,
my cliche dream
this slate of me
the demon seed
(that's all I need) be or not to be.
I choose to see
Not sit glued to the TV
mentally screaming "create me!"
It's a damned lemming machine
spitting out pre-fab humans for free.
No need to buy your mind, just see
I'm the only one calling it feed.
Got your eyes on their trough
better eat.
What's that in my brain, a flea?
From the TV
Damn, it's sucking away the clean
leaving dirt and disease
and a pseudo replica of me
sittin' in the corner eating cheese.
The lying bastard, please,
maybe I should bury this thing.
Wow, died twice in this dream
didn't even hear me scream.
Am I talking to you or me?
The womb of my head holds the key.
to have within me a queen.
Nobody thought of this scene.
I wonder what that means.

my lilith by weblednomore

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Sound Waves

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Never Normal

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Raining Ideas

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