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Mythical Creatures Design Challenge!

Tue Jul 10, 2012, 4:32 PM

Remember reading about Greek and Roman mythology in school? What about the folklore you’ve heard while camping or during bedtime stories? We’re challenging you to harness those tales of old and make a design for a t-shirt featuring mythical creatures! 

Think about fantastical beasts renowned in folklore and myth -- unicorns, dragons, and other mythical animals that you’ve seen in films or books. Now, get inspired by those creatures and let’s see something awesome! 

:wizardhat: Participation is easy!
  • You come up with potential designs for our deviantART t-shirts.
  • Deviants vote on their favorite designs.
  • Judges choose 2 designs based on the highest-voted submissions.
  • Artists of the winning submissions get cash and their designs printed on t-shirts for all to see!
This time around, we’re challenging you to design a t-shirt inspired by the world of fantasy. Entries should display an original image or images featuring a mythical creature or creatures. For more inspiration on the deviantART Design Challenge, check out the Mythical Creatures category!

Like the last challenge, we will allow a two-week period for you to submit your designs before we open the voting. Voting will last for one week only! So don’t forget to submit your work and then remind your friends to vote starting July 25, 2012!

:wizardhat: Prizes, prizes, prizes!

Two winners will be selected! Each winner receives $1,500 cash and 20 units of their t-shirt! Plus, each of the winning designs will be sold in the deviantART T-Shirts and Gear Shop. You could find your mythically inspired design printed on someone’s shirt out in the world someday.

:wizardhat: Not a designer?

Just like the last Design Challenge, you still have a chance to make an impact and determine the future of deviantART’s designs without being a designer. All throughout the Design Challenge, keep an eye on the Mythical Creatures category. We’ll show you an assortment for you to browse through the submitted designs.

If you see a design that would make a great shirt, click “I Want This!” on the deviation to cast your vote for the entry. View the entries right now!

:wizardhat: Worried about cheaters?

Don’t worry. When the contest is over, deviantART will review the source of all entry data (including but not limited to username and IP data) for suspicious activity and remove fraudulent votes. Also, just because a design has the most votes doesn’t mean it automatically wins. The 100 designs receiving the most votes will move to the final judging round, where our panel of experts will pick three of the most creative, original and best Mythical Creatures inspired t-shirts to produce. 

But hurry! The deadline for entries is July 24, 2012. Voting begins on July 25, 2012 and ends on July 31, 2012. Submit your designs and cast your votes now!

:wizardhat: Don’t delay!

Click here to get started! And be sure to read the Official Terms for all the technical details.

Unleash your mythical creatures and turn them into an original t-shirt design!

We are happy to announce a solid list of art-related panels hosted by deviants as well as deviantART administrators during Comic-Con International: San Diego. Comic-Con attendees, mark your schedules for these awesome events!

Comic-Con How-To: How to Better Understand the Sociology Behind Cosplay

Thursday, 12:00 - 1:00 PM, Room 2 Upper Level
Cosplay is a loved hobby by many, but what is it about cosplay that attracts us? What is cosplay culture like? What is the proper etiquette as it relates to photographing cosplayers and socializing with convention attendees? Have all your questions about cosplay answered by veteran costume designer and cosplayer Yaya Han (yayacosplay).

For the past 11 years, yayacosplay has been creating full costumes and fashion pieces in the United States, and what began as a passionate hobby has evolved into a loving craft and career. Check out her work and make room for this informative panel!

Comic-Con How-To: Living and Creating in the DeviantART World with Yuumei

Thursday, 3:00 - 4:00 PM, Room 2 Upper Level
DeviantART is a great platform for sharing your work and getting it seen, and we've invited yuumei to share her expertise on establishing yourself in the world of deviantART. Learn all about yuumei's journey as an artist, her history on deviantART, and her own tips and tricks on gaining a following.

Comic-Con How-To: Don't Break In, Break Out! with Dave Elliot and Bob Self

Thursday, 4:00 - 5:00 PM, Room 2 Upper Level
Stay around after yuumei's panel for this in-depth look at publishing for creators. Find out about the future of publishing with comic industry veteran DeevElliott, President of Baby Tattoo Books MrBabyTattoo, chriscopeland from Cartoon Network, and jeffwamester of the Ultimate Spiderman fame, all moderated by our very own techgnotic!

Comic-Con 2012 Panels Handout by Ayame-Kenoshi

Comic-Con How-To: Examining Fan Art Under the Law - A Counter-Cultural Disconnect?

Friday, 12:00 - 1:00 PM, Room 2 Upper Level
DeviantART's Advisor in Chief makepictures lays down the law in this panel, reviewing the relationship between fan art and copyright. makepictures has decades of experience in copyright law, and will be discussing the impact of new technologies on fan art. To top it all off, he'll be talking about one of the most interesting events to happen in this genre -- the smash hit 50 Shades of Grey. makepictures will even be joined by a mystery fan art fanatic. You won't want to miss it!

Comic-Con How-To: Supercharge Your deviantART Profile Like the Masters

Saturday, 12:00 - 1:00 PM, Room 2 Upper Level
This superstar lineup of comic, manga, and animators all have something in common besides ridiculous amounts of talent: they are all part of the deviantART community. Over the years, they have learned a thing or two about getting the most out of deviantART, and in this panel, they will share their tips on how to get the most out of your deviantART experience.

Our panelists include AdamWarren (The Dirty Pair, Empowered), alohalilo (creator of Lilo & Stitch), DeevElliott (Heavy Metal Magazine), Zubby (Project Manager of Creative Services, Udon Entertainment), Kevineastman (co-creator of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), diablo2003 (from Marvel Comics), and yuumei (creator of Knite). Moderating this panel will be deviantART Co-Founder and CEO spyed!

All of these have also been listed in the Comic-Con Programming Schedule. Tell your friends, and we'll see you at our panels! 

Last weekend, a few deviantART staff members were in London for a combination of community fun and srs bsns.  While deviantART has become quite adept at hosting deviantMEETs, we decided to try our hand at something a little different -- hosting an art exhibition featuring Prints by deviantART artists local to the area.

On Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012, deviantART sponsored Urban Blighty, a unique showcase of hand-selected Prints by United Kingdom based deviants. These Prints were chosen based on a variety of criteria -- curation quality, previous Print sales, genre, etc. -- in order to exemplify the breadth of works available for sale on deviantART. In contacting our selected artists, we were pleased to hear they were excited to showcase their works and that many were able to attend the gallery show in person.

The day before the Gallery opened to the public, grieves05, codenamepanther, and I (Ayame-Kenoshi) met with the featured artists to give them a private preview of the gallery space. All of the Urban Blighty art was displayed on the walls as beautifully framed Fine Art Prints.  After the private preview, we headed to dinner, where everyone sat down to discuss the Prints program.  As active Prints sellers, these artists have an intimate understanding of the selling process and provided great suggestions for future Prints program efforts. 

dA London Gallery Show 14 by cei-

dA London Gallery Show 30 by cei-
Photo credit: cei-

On the day of the show, we were joined by DEVlANT, dxd, and Heidi who helped in our last-minute efforts to ensure the gallery looked pristine. We opened the doors right at 4:00 PM, and a queue had already formed outside! Not only were we thrilled to see all the familiar faces from Saturday's deviantMEET, but a whole new crowd of people showed up to appreciate the amazing artworks we had on display. Urban Blighty was open to deviants and non-deviants alike, and many attendees who walked in from the street were incredibly impressed by the wide range of artistic talent found on deviantART.  

The featured artists were introduced to the crowd and were able to talk directly with attendees about their work, process, and what inspires them to create art. Each piece was situated next to a placard with the title of the art, artist name, and deviantART username, so interested art appreciators could check out the online versions, fave them if they pleased, or make a note to keep an eye out for these gifted artists in the future.

dA London Gallery Show 9 by cei-

dA London Gallery Show 10 by cei-

dA London Gallery Show 12 by cei-

DA Crowd.. by 3ddream
Photo credit: cei- and 3ddream

Throughout the show, a raffle was held, allowing all attendees the chance to receive a Print directly from the wall.  By the end of the night, every Print had been carefully bubble-wrapped and given to a good home.

Thank you to everyone who attended and a special thanks to our featured artists!

:iconcrymz: :iconmensaman: :iconbrucewilliamsgallery: :icongreenfroggies: :iconnyctopterus: :iconcei-: :iconmartinisaac: :iconartistjames: :icondarrenluchmun: :iconphoenix252: :iconsi2: :icongeckokid: :iconthetragictruth-of-me: :iconpaddimir: :iconrozefire: :icontallphil: :icongrigari: :iconcoigach: :iconjazzylemonade: :iconnewcastlemale: :iconkinkei:

Untitled by darknetcs
Photo credit: darknetcs

We had so much fun, that we can't wait to do it again! But we need your help. Are you interested in seeing more exhibitions like this in your town? The Prints staff would love to do events in different cities, and we want you to be able to make it! So let us know if you're interested in us do a Gallery Show a bit closer to home. Don't forget that you can keep up with the latest Prints news by joining the printscommunity!

Comics Are Art

Thu Jul 5, 2012, 9:54 PM by techgnotic:icontechgnotic:

Comic-Con Journey to the Heart of The New Summer Vacation

Americans have a long summer vacation tradition of visiting the foreign capitals of the world and being sure to spend at least one day in each nation’s most iconic art museum. In Paris, we visit the Louvre. In Madrid, the Prado. In Rome, the Borghese. We feel far more comfortable in identifying the different peoples of our planet through examples of their greatest art works than we do about identifying ourselves as being represented by any one iconic “American” art museum or artist. Maybe the country is just too big for one musuem and so it has always fallen to our pop arts to carry the true visual narrative of what’s going on in the hearts and minds of the masses.

Comic-Con has become the new arts and culture go-to in domestic summer vacation destinations. It makes sense that so many are drawn to this mecca of re-connection with the roots of our first awakening into the joys and wonders of mythical and fantasy narratives. Where our organized religions and public school civics classes have stumbled, our comic books have for the last century taken up the slack in teaching us our codes of decency and chivalry and world citizenship. Now we are drawn to spend some hard-earned vacation time in enjoying what over the years has become for so many of us our guiltiest sheer pleasure, the feast of dynamic art and creative storytelling that is the All-American art form of the comic book, as well as a celebration of the movies and games and all else that has sprung from these simple works of ink on paper.

deviantART at San Diego Comic-Con International

We are hosting five panels covering the superstars of deviantART, yuumei, yayacosplay, Fan Art Law and "How To" on using deviantART as a publishing platform. And just like last year, deviantART is bringing the digital world to the comic convention floor in Artists' Alley.

Click here for detailed information about our various panels!

Scholarship-Winning Deviants

Of special interest to deviant ARTists spending some vacation time at Comic-Con this year will be the works of six scholarship-winning deviants that will be on display in Artists Alley and will be critiqued by leading industry professionals. The winners were chosen by comics industry veteran DeevElliott. Also, deviantART is hosting a cosplay art show culled from over 15,000 photographic submissions. Prints will be available through silent auction, with proceeds going to the Shriners Burn Hospital.

deviantART Comic-Con on Pintrest

Take a look at the work of over 100 deviants participating in Artists' Alley on our Comic-Con Pinterest board!

In the comics world, we project the best of ourselves and our hopes and dreams for our lives and the lives of all others on the planet. Of course our fantasy narratives are missing many of the key “real-world” pieces that doom real-world efforts at achieving peace and tranquility, but our intent is pure and good. And until we figure out the really difficult real-world solutions to solving our cultural, political and environmental impasses, let us be sure to safe-keep our dreams of peace and justice, if only on the pages of our comic book art.

Questions for the Reader

  1. Is there any one artist who best defines your particular country's art for the world?
  2. Do you feel that fine artists like Pollock and Warhol tell the story of America as well as what might be understood by reading comic books?
  3. Have you been more inspired as an artist (or an arts enthusiast) by comic book artists or by fine artists (American and other)?
  4. Which art museum in the world would you most like to visit before you die?
  5. Which comic book or pop artist would you most like to meet before you die?

In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.

What's New

Premium Content Platform: Coming Soon

Coming next week, deviantART will launch our Premium Content Platform — providing the ability for content creators to become sellers and generate real earnings by making digital files of their high-quality work available for download.  Sellers will be able to charge a little and sell a lot, and buyers can quickly get the things they want with the satisfaction of supporting the artists they love.

Parts of the Premium Content Platform are currently being tested and refined.  You may encounter various features of the Platform during your normal deviantART experience.  Should that occur, feel free to interact with them.  Otherwise, full details about the Premium Content Platform will be released early next week.

Change Log

  • The "remove from group" option was not functioning for journal deviations that were submitted to Groups. Fixed by muteor
  • The link to toggle mature content in browse linked to an error page for logged out users. Fixed by allixsenos
  • Having a "don't forget to comment!" message display after faving deviations with disabled comments didn't really make any sense. Fixed by drommk
  • "Deleted content" placeholders were still displaying in search results. Fixed by allixsenos
  • The "My Faves" section of dAmnIT! stopped working. Fixed by helloandre
  • On the shop checkout page, the credit card type for stored cards was not displaying. Fixed by allixsenos
  • The standard "edit" button was not displaying on the deviantID widget until the deviantID widget was filled out completed. Fixed by shadowhand
  • deviantART muro was down for a short period of time.  Fixed by shadowhand

  • The drag-and-drop file upload feature was lacking a progress meter in stacks. Fixed by samshull
  • The artistic nude section was not auto-tagged as mature. Fixed by aMoniker
  • When submitting a item, the "more options" section would not work properly for deviantART muro Redraw items while using Internet Explorer. Fixed by adahacker
  • When linking to a page with "#" in the URL, the page did not redirect correctly if you were logged out. Fixed by samshull
  • The order of items within a stack changed after uploading. Fixed by samshull
  • The login page briefly flashed the incorrect page. Fixed by adahacker
  • When browsing through items using the "next" and "previous" buttons, editing the description wouldn't work. Fixed by aMoniker
  • Dragging-and-dropping a folder from your desktop into the upload area of created a broken item. Fixed by kouiskas
  • Renaming an item wasn't working properly for ZIP files. Fixed by kouiskas
  • When a single item was selected, there was an error when trying to rename the item. Fixed by samshull Writer

  • When a deviation is embedded into a Writer document, you can now hover over it and use the pencil menu to switch it into a text link. Fixed by Alisey
  • Some comments had been migrated to deviations without the journal/news count being fully updated, making the comments be hidden. Fixed by kemayo
  • Embedding deviations using the "add link" toolbar was just dumping in a raw image, not a properly embedded deviation like the sidebar creates. Fixed by inazar
  • The "smart embeds" checkbox was removed from the "add link" menu, making the behavior default. Fixed by Alisey

Your Feedback

Thanks for your feedback in last week's Site Update!
  • By and large, users looking for resources like dA's Resources gallery. Some users have trouble finding resources because of search restrictions.
  • Users who upload resources struggle with people who fail/refuse to credit their resources, and often don't know if/when their resources are being used to begin with, or used properly. In addition, there's not necessarily any notification for a resource provider as to whether or not their resources are useful to others.
  • Sorting deviation stacks from friends and groups in your Message Center. From InsaneKane87
  • The file size limit of avatars should be increased. From aha-mccoy
  • Add the ability to edit written works that were submitted through the original submission process using Writer. From raberbagirl
  • Adding the ability to easily write on someone's Profile Page after they've added one of your deviations to their Favourites. From AmethystPendant
  • The emoticon legend modal window should allow you to continue writing your comment as you're selecting emoticons. From pika
  • The emoticon legend is not available on the page used to compose a new Journal Entry. From pika
  • Adding the ability to disable comments on journals and Group journals like on deviations. From Andecaya
  • Users would like a feature that saves their frequent and/or last used settings for submitting deviations. From mnoruzi
  • Bringing back the light/dark background options for literature submitted through Writer. From Skandron
  • bradleysays created a visual suggestion regarding crediting resources used in a deviation:
VS1: Resources Deviation Box by bradleysays

:lightbulb: Discuss
How do you feel about the way deviantART gathers member feedback?
In our weekly Site Updates, we've been actively reading over member suggestions, compiling them, and then publishing them in the next week's Site Update. When we find viable member suggestions, we take them into consideration, save them for future use, or sometimes even put them directly into our queue to be worked on. We also actively look through the Suggestions Forum and the deviantART Suggestions gallery.

Keep in mind that sometimes great ideas cannot be taken into immediate consideration because of technical limitations, priority, or dependance on future features. For instance, there are times where members want a small part of a feature changed, but we have plans to redo the feature entirely, so the small change can sometimes be an unnecessary use of resources.

That being said, how do you feel about the process we've been using to gather feedback? How do you feel that it could be improved? What way do you feel most comfortable submitting suggestions?

 Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment on this article!
:bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk(Be as detailed as possible!)

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