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The Deviousness Award 2.0

Wed Jun 17, 2015, 5:02 PM
Where Subscriber's Money REALLY Goes by priteeboy
Artists Creditpriteeboy

T he Deviousness Award, bestowed in recognition of exemplary membership and an outstanding spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community, has recently undergone a reevaluation to provide a focus and a re-definition as to just what Deviousness truly represents.

The award is given once per month to honor a deviant who has gone above and beyond in their services to the DeviantArt Community. The 189 recipients of the Award thus far have brought something to the community that was not there before their presence, and it's our duty — and honor — to publicly recognize their efforts in doing so.

Early on, Deviousness was given more than once per month to a deviant whose involvement in the community merited recognition. However, starting in 2004, the award officially became a once-monthly accolade, given to a deviant who excelled in community involvement and engagement. Sometimes professional artists, sometimes hobbyists or art appreciators, these deviants all share one thing in common — a kindred and exceptional passion for the DeviantArt community and an inspiring commitment that truly exceeds expectations.

Artists CreditMadH

W hen selecting Deviousness Award recipients in the future, we will be focusing on recognizing deviants who best exemplify “Authentic Citizenship” in the DeviantArt community.

An “Authentic Citizen” in the DeviantArt community is one who brings community members together, be it over shared interests or art medium, or by providing resources for others to use and reference. These deviants can be outstanding artists in their medium of choice, or they can be art appreciators who provide palpable love and support to their fellow deviants. Highly active in the community, all Authentic Citizens are deviants who strive to be the best they can, providing invaluable mentorship and paving lifelong relationships in the process.

Each Deviousness Award recipient has contributed to the community in a way unlike anyone before them, but some of the common ways past winners have excelled include regular positive contributions to groups, projects, and community events, consistent positive commentary and/or constructive feedback to individuals, and actively engaging with their fellow deviant in meaningful ways.

The sorts of invaluable resources such individuals selflessly bring to DeviantArt include answering all manner of questions asked by curious deviants; being a role model for comment etiquette; establishing a friendly and inviting identity in the chat rooms; assisting deviants in personalizing their profile pages; being a champion and advocate for new and unknown artists; directing deviants to tutorials to improve their craft; being available for thoughtful reviewing of artists’ portfolios; knowing who in the DeviantArt network to put deviants in contact with for specific problems or needed advice. This is far from an exhaustive list of ways Deviousness winners impact our community. In fact, thinking of new and creative ways to serve other deviants is possibly the consummate definition of Authentic Citizenship.

The spirit Deviousness Award recipients have reflects the brand pillars outlined in Our Story.

What these deviants do is

— they reach into our community to create and empower projects and ideas that haven’t been done before, oftentimes that haven't yet been dreamed of.

Artists CreditMarcSimonetti

They are a

force that draws other community members in, gets them involved, and keeps everyone feeling like they belong.

Artists CreditDetkef


spirits, connecting with people on multiple levels.

Artists CreditThreepwoody


to create and do more, and to uplift others to do the same.

Artists CreditCestica

Each month's Deviousness Award recipient is selected by a small committee of DeviantArt staff who are constantly monitoring the community for deviants who go out of their way to bring good to DeviantArt. While each recipient is selected for specific, individual reasons, there are basic traits they all have in common. Recipients are highly active in the community, offering guidance or advice or even just a helping hand to people they interact with. Some are recognized professionals in their field; all are recognized members of their respective sub-communities on DeviantArt. Every Deviousness Award recipient has worked to help others strive to be their best, and has bettered the community and themselves in doing so.

A potential future showcase of
Deviousness Award winners

Winners of the Deviousness Award embody the life-energy that fuels DeviantArt at its core, and without them, DeviantArt wouldn't feel like the welcoming home it is for so many.

We want to elevate the prominence of Deviousness Award recipients in our overall site design, so they are properly recognized for their efforts. The award is not only about the current month's recipient, but is also about previous recipients, and the importance of the time and efforts they've dedicated to DeviantArt's community. For all of these reasons, we're looking to better showcase and acknowledge deviants who show excellence in lasting ways.

Whether they set out to change the world or just feeding the insatiable muse within, artists at their very cores create something that leaves the world a little better than it was, changing lives around them for the better with every world they create. Their passion, support, and inspiration cultivate a greater community and a healthier, happier global artspace for all to share.

Deviousness Award winners represent every artist and art enthusiast on this hallowed journey of creation, and it's truly an honor to bestow this award on those who have poured so much of themselves into the community they helped cultivate and nurture.

Jeremy Vickery:

I've enjoyed drawing as far back as I can remember, but as a child I never thought I could have a career in the arts. It was through encouragement from friends and family (my community) that I decided to pursue art as a career. And even after art school I did not stop learning, in fact it was just the beginning. I've now worked in the animation industry for more than 17 years, most recently as an artist at Pixar Animation Studios, and I still have so much to learn from all of my awesome artist friends. Years ago, when DeviantArt was still a new thing, a good friend pushed me to make an account.

I was resistant, but finally made one, and I'm so glad I did. It's not only helped me as an artist to find professional connections (many freelance clients came from my DA account), but I've made so many amazing friends, some of which I've even met in person. The community is what keeps me inspired to create more.”

Artist Creditjermilex
Artist Creditjermilex
Artist Creditjermilex

Eric Proctor:

Art has always been an undeniable urge that has affected every part of my life. Drawing, creating, and admiring artwork has influenced my interests and goals ever since childhood. As a kid, my heroes were conceptual artists for games and movies, and a great deal of my free time was spent studying and emulating their work. Pursuing art in college, my educators may have given me the tools to improve my work, but it was my peers and community that influenced my style.

So much of my motivation to create is woven into the artistic community. I draw my inspiration from other artists, my style changes as I study the work of my peers, and the support of the community fuels my drive.”

Artist CreditTsaoShin
Artist CreditTsaoShin
Artist CreditTsaoShin

Jonathan Castillo:

Art has always been part of my life as far back as I can remember. My mom still keeps some drawings from when I was around 4. Art has taught me to see things from a wider perspective, to have an open mind and consider several points of view. I believe that as artists we have that extra sensitivity to see things differently, and that's what allows us to be creative.

This is something I've learned to put in use in all aspects of my life, on a professional and personal level. Creativity can (and should) be used not only for drawing, painting or taking photographs, but for virtually everything, from making your bed in the morning, to doing whatever you do at work.”

Artist CreditThiefoworld
Artist CreditThiefoworld
Artist CreditThiefoworld

Andy Fairhurst:

I've always been an artist, but I have only seen my artwork start to shape my life in the last 10 years, since I started using the internet as a tool to share my work on a wider scale, and to learn more than I could ever imagine. It was always only a hobby, but through the likes of DeviantArt, I have developed and improved my artwork AND means of marketing myself, and now I am a self employed freelance artist. It's been a slow but steady and enjoyable journey.

Artist CreditAndyFairhurst
Artist CreditAndyFairhurst
Artist CreditAndyFairhurst

Void System by elreviae
In our continuous effort to improve the DeviantArt experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.

What's New

Watch, Notifications, and Mobile Updates

Updates have been made to Watch and Notifications! Changes made include:
  • Ability to filter what sort of content you see on your Watch, on both the desktop site and the DeviantArt Mobile App
  • Group deviations are rolled into one update, on the Watch page, rather than each deviation taking up its own space
  • On the Notifications page, deviations from Groups you watch now display separately from deviations from deviants you watch
  • Unwatching deviants now removes their updates from your Watch and Notifications pages

Read more »

Watch Button on Deviation Pages

Addressing community concerns is one of our priorities, and we're happy to introduce a feature that has been requested by the community for some time.

When you visit a deviation made by a deviant you don't watch, you'll now see a "Watch" button in the same area as the title. This way, you can easily get updates from artists you love, without interrupting your art viewing experience. Watching deviants shows your support for artists and improves your DeviantArt experience. Everyone wins!

Top Community Feature Requests and Our Responses

In May, we introduced the DeviantArt Timeline as a method of communicating with deviants and providing transparency about what's planned for our collective future. Today, we're addressing community-suggested features — some upcoming, why some haven’t happened yet, and why some may never happen.

Read more »

Change Log

  • On tag landing pages, long text in the sidebar would extend past its container. Fixed by kemayo
  • Some changes to portfolios weren't saving. Fixed by outgoingcoyote
  • Unwatching then rewatching a deviant would cause the Watch modal to break. Fixed by trezoid
  • After creating a DeviantArt account from any given page prompt, a new deviant would not be sent back to where they were when they signed up. Fixed by yumeruby
  • The "Forgot password?" process would not work properly if reached from a "Create an account" modal. Fixed by yumeruby
  • Using the "Next" and "Previous" buttons on the Today page would trigger an error message once the last deviation in that section was reached. Fixed by yumeruby

Your Feedback

Thank you for the feedback on last week's Site Update

Responses to the Discuss topic varied, though most deviants who commented said they admin in at least one group (and several responses said more than one). The amount of groups deviants were members of tended to be much larger, though some deviants mentioned that they don't actively take part in anywhere near the amount of groups they are members of.


Updates to Watch and Notifications

What are your thoughts on the changes to the Watch and Notifications pages? Let us know in the comments!

Header artwork: Void System by elreviae 

Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment here!
Lightbulb Check out a list of common suggestions!
Lightbulb Want to keep track of known issues? Check out our Status Forum!
:bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk! (Be as detailed as possible!)

Watch connects you with the people you watch by creating a sequential stream of activity, including deviations, journals, favourites, status updates, and more.

Today, we’re introducing some changes based on community requests: the ability to filter Watch, improved display of group deviations and favourites in Watch, and, by very popular request, separating group deviations in notifications.

Customize Watch Using Filters

We often hear from the community that deviants want to filter or dive into specific types of content on Watch. We’re happy to introduce a set of filters that let you customize what you see in Watch.

This is not a permanent feature, but we think you’ll enjoy the experience until Watch evolves into a more personalized feed. Our goal is to make Watch a personalized platform to discover and consume what’s interesting and relevant to you. Your choices and usage of these filters will help us build a more personalized Watch in the future.

These new features are live on the desktop site and in the the latest version of the DeviantArt Mobile App. An update to the app is now available in the App Store and Google Play.

Improved Thumbnail Grid for Group Deviations and Favourites

Deviants have told us that group deviations clutter their Watch, so we’ve introduced a new design that rolls up group deviations into a single update. With this change comes a new design for favourites folders and group deviations, both on desktop and the Mobile App. On Mobile, you can now swipe horizontally to scroll through favourites folders and group deviations directly from Watch.

(Note: This change is not retroactive; deviations submitted to groups prior to this change will still appear separately in Watch.)

Group Deviations Separated in Notifications

We surveyed a pool of deviants regarding group deviations and the feedback was overwhelming; deviants want group deviations to be separated out from regular deviations in notifications. This was also a popular request in the
DeviantArt Suggestions Forum. As of today, all deviations submitted to groups will be separated out.

(Note: This change is not retroactive; deviations submitted to groups before this change was made will still appear in your main “deviations” section. For deviants who use the splinter navigation menu, your deviation count currently still includes group deviation, but we are working on fixing this.)

Unwatching Deviants Now Removes Their Content From Watch and Notifications

When you unwatch deviants, their notifications (deviations, journals, polls, critiques, etc.) will now be automatically removed from your Notifications and Watch.

Try it out!

Try out the new Watch filters:
Visit Your Watch

Don't have the DeviantArt Mobile App yet? Get it now:

Get it on Google Play   

Stay tuned and keep an eye on the DeviantArt Timeline! More updates around notifications and Watch are coming!

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In May, we introduced the
DeviantArt Timeline as a method of communicating with deviants and providing transparency about what’s planned for our collective future. During the site simplification process that followed, we received a number of comments from deviants asking why we were working on the features presented on the Timeline instead of other things. Many of the features brought up in these comments are ones that have been requested for years. We want to be more transparent about these suggested features, why some of them haven’t happened yet, and why some of them may never happen.

These requests are from past Site Updates, the Suggestions Forum, surveys, and individual requests we’ve received.

Notes in the DeviantArt Mobile App

When we launched the DeviantArt Mobile App, we made the difficult decision not to include Notes in the first version.  We wanted the app to be in your hands as soon as possible, and rather than postponing its release for Notes to be completed, we went ahead with launch.  But, the wait is nearly over! Notes will be in the DeviantArt Mobile App by October.

Group Deviations Separated in Notifications

Deviants often ask to have group deviation notifications split from regular deviation notifications. It’s great to get topical deviations in your notifications; however, active groups can often be overpowering. We’re happy to let you know that this change will be happening very soon.

Viewing Results of Your Poll Without Having To Vote on it Yourself

While this is a very specific request, being able to view results on your own poll without voting is a suggestion we get constantly, and we're working on implementing this change shortly!

Deviant Search

Admittedly, we should have implemented this long ago, but our aim is to make it happen sooner-than-later. The first version of deviant search will be fairly simple, allowing you to search for a specific deviant by their username or part of their username. Later on, we want to make a more robust search, allowing you to find deviants in a variety of different ways — including by artist type, genre, skill level, age, location, and more.  (We recently wrote a journal asking how you find other deviants.  Share your feedback!)  We'll have more details on the target dates of all search-related features within the next few weeks.

Favourites Search

The ability to search in favourites has been a long-standing community request that we’ve addressed in various Site Updates.  As mentioned, we haven't implemented this feature previously due to the technical work involved.  However, we want to enable this functionality and plan on making the technical changes needed soon.  We'll have more details on the target dates of all search-related features within the next few weeks.

Notes Search

The ability to search in notes is among our top community-requested features. We’re committed to adding search to Notes, and our goal is to do this by October; however, we acknowledge that October timeline is a stretch goal and the project may take longer.  We'll have more details on the target dates of all search-related features within the next few weeks.

Notes Uplift

The desire for an uplift to Notes is commonly mentioned in several community-feedback surveys we've held.  We want to redesign Notes to make it more modern, user-friendly, include a great search, and work better on mobile.  This new version of Notes would group notes between you and another deviant into one thread, allowing you to easily find notes you've previously sent or received from that deviant, easing inbox manageability when you have a long conversation with that deviant. (Currently, that conversation would end up scattered between conversations with other deviants).

Collaborative Deviations (Labeling Collaborators on a Deviation)

When deviants work together to create one piece of art, it can become complicated to share that art on DeviantArt. Often, both deviants will submit the same deviation and mention the other artist in the description, but that can lead to comments and favorites on both deviations going unseen by the deviant-creators. While we want to address this, there are a lot of complexities involved. We are still thinking about ways we can provide a better system for collaborators.

Private Favourite Folders

While we acknowledge that some deviants want to be able to make their favourites folders private, we haven't seen a strong community interest in having this as an option.  As such, we don't have any immediate plans to add it as a feature.

Indication on Thumbnails if Deviations are Already in Your Favourites

Deviants have suggested they would benefit from an indication of some kind on thumbnails that made it clear that deviation was already added to their favourites. We agree that this is a great idea, and we'd like to do it for Daily Deviations as well. Having said that, we don't currently have a timeframe for these changes. Last week, we released a journal outlining our ideas for a new thumbnail grid, and we'll keep this suggestion in mind for future iterations.

Better Manage Deviations Page

We are very interested in better deviation management —  particularly how pro artists, or artists with a lot of deviations, can better manage their deviations. As it stands, the experience isn’t ideal; however, we don’t consider this as high a priority as other initiatives and don’t have any timeframes around deviation management.

View Recently Deleted Notifications

Sometimes deviants accidentally delete notifications and want a way to view items they’ve recently removed. Notifications, Watch, and Feedback are features we’re actively working on, and they will begin to dramatically change shape later this year. The idea of “read” vs. “unread” is something we’ll be exploring and will hopefully alleviate these issues, but this will likely not be happening in the coming months.

See Who Purchased Your Premium Content

Deviants who sell Premium Content have requested to see who is buying their digital downloads. We think this is a good idea (if the buyer chooses to share such information), and we’d like to provide deviants with more tools to run their DeviantArt businesses. We want DeviantArt to be a dashboard for your art on the Internet that connects you with your audience and customers. However, we're still mapping the requirements needed to make that happen. Because of this, we don't have a specific timeframe for these changes.

Favourites Subfolders

Subfolders within favourites is a common request from the community; however, we feel that it’s in the community’s best interest to solve this problem in other ways. One problem with favourites folders is that they currently don’t scale well. Having too many favourites will cause your favourites page to become overwhelming and make finding that folder more difficult.

The use of favourite folders is important to DeviantArt as a whole. It makes More Like This more accurate and provides a great experience to discover new art around a topic. Our goal is to make favourites simpler and easier to use rather than adding more complexities.

Multi-image Deviations

Multi-image deviations aren't currently slated on our Timeline. There are workarounds to include multiple images in one deviation — such as including multiple images in one larger file, or including them in a journal — and while we acknowledge that these methods aren't ideal, we don't see enough demand for this as a feature to prioritize it over other features that are wanted or need to happen.

Exclusion Filtering by Tag

We've seen requests from deviants asking for a blacklist feature that could remove deviations with certain tags from the browsing experience. (For example, if you don't want to see deviations tagged #spider, you could add that tag to your blacklist.)  We don't have any plans for a feature like this currently, but we're not opposed to the idea of personalization based on interests. Right now, we're investigating content strategy as a whole — how we decide what displays where — and we're looking into this with the knowledge that this is a feature some deviants might want.  Tip: If you want to do this in individual browse or search results, you can always add a minus sign before the tag (example: "insects -#spider").

Please Note

As you may have seen on the DeviantArt Timeline, today's announcement was originally slated for DeviantArt Shoes.  However, based on the community feedback we've received over the last few weeks, we felt it was more important to address the topic of community feature requests at this time. 

The DeviantArt Shoes announcement has been merged with the Deviousness Revamp announcement, and the combined journal is now scheduled for release on Wednesday, June 17th. The Design Checkpoint journal has been temporarily removed, to be re-added at a later date.  

By next week, we'll have added the next handful of release dates to our Timeline!

Stay Connected

Keep an eye on the DeviantArt Timeline for news and notes about when these projects will hit the site!  Do you have more requests for projects or features that aren’t included here?  Share them in the comments, or check if they’re listed in the Suggestions Forum.

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