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Give the Gift of Art Challenge Winners

Thu Jan 15, 2015, 12:29 PM
The Give the Gift of Art Challenge winners are in! See the winning pieces and the thoughtful gifts they represent. Always looking up to you - The Gift Of Art: by Maxxie-Delu
Wacom Give The Gift Of Art Challenge Winners


Wacom and DeviantArt challenged you visualize and depict the art of giving, and our community responded with breathtaking generosity. Three esteemed artists from the community—TsaoShin, DestinyBlue, and DavidRapozaArt—studied every semi-finalist entry with the difficult job of choosing three standout winners, and we're proud to announce the winners are in!

The three pieces below stole our judges' hearts with their representations of thoughtful gifts and magnificent execution. In addition, the staff at Wacom pored over the rest of the semi-finalists and selected their favorite piece to receive the honorable mention. Winners and the honorable mention will each receive spectacular prizes, including prints of their gorgeous pieces to give to their loved ones!

Click through the deviations below to see the story behind the gift, and tell us what gift you would give. The only limit is your imagination!

Always looking up to you - The Gift Of Art:

"Maxxie-Delu invites us into her journey with her Grandfather, cleverly weaving a touching narrative through her painting; showing the the gift of art being passed between family. Personal yet relatable, with it's clear visual message, this piece tugs at the heartstrings."


"What I really love about this piece is the style VolaPardus brought to the challenge. The use of shapes moving organically throughout the composition, and the saturated colors drawing us into the focus, work beautifully. This is an excellent tribute to VolaPardus' family, I love it!"

The Magic in the Ordinary

"It's too easy to lose the sense of wonder in the world as we get older. The pressure of growing up often pushes us to forget the magic we saw in everyday objects when we were children. Kalkri's beautiful illustration shows us that holding onto the realm of the imaginary can continue to inspire us and shape young minds into creative freethinkers who will be able to live in a world without boundaries."

I Give You My World

NilaNandita's "I Give You My World" is alive with color, creativity and imagination. It represents the value of not only creating art, but just as importantly, sharing it with others.

At the Heart of Winter by NicolasAlexanderOtto
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Header artwork: At the Heart of Winter by NicolasAlexanderOtto 

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Je Suis Charlie Hebdo

Wed Jan 7, 2015, 7:25 PM
Je suis Charlie by Kyoichii

In Paris, France, 13 people were murdered, and among them 5 cartoon artists.

Murdered for being artists and journalists of a humor and satirical newspaper, “Charlie Hebdo.”  The newspaper was under police protection and at least one of the police guards, unarmed, was killed as he begged for mercy lying in the street.

We are at a loss for words. The five artists, Charb, Cabu, Wolinski, Tignous and Honoré, included the editor in chief of the newspaper, Stephane Charbonnier, who uses the signature “Charb” on his drawings. They took on a wide range of issues, social, cultural and political and it seems these murders occurred as a response to their satirical approach to religious extremist. They are now dead for being artists.

“Morts pour la Liberté”

The right to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose. The general agreement to abide by this basic principle is what makes civilized life possible — even if we break the rule. There can be no support in any culture for the notion that the drawing of a cartoon, no matter how offensive, should result in providing the basis for an execution. The lack of justification goes well beyond political or religious arguments.  These murderers killed others just because they were “there” in front of their weapons. There is no moral stand to be found in this.  It is supremely depressing.

In this community we are especially aware of the support and love artists need and deserve. These murders offend on every possible level the mission and kinship of this community. Here within the DeviantArt staff we are in shock and dented. Our hearts go out to the friends, acquaintances and relatives of the dead; our solidarity is with the people of France, all free and open societies worldwide and all those in any culture who work to reflect it and shine light on its wonders and its defects.

Artists cannot stop being artists. Artist will not stop at being artists. Murder can only stop a body in action and can never silence the art it made.

Many of us express ourselves visually. If this is your way of dealing with this tragedy, please use #charliehebdo / #jesuischarlie so we can all share in our thoughts.

Artwork by yuumei

Here is more from Buzzfeed on the Cartoonists, Writers and Editors killed in the attack today.

Your Thoughts

  1. These four cartoon artists were totally dedicated to using art for social commentary if not to force social change. Can we gain inspiration and a new commitment to the arts out of this deeply tragic event?
  2. Do you believe in the power of the arts to catapult forward the expressions of support coming from around the world?
  3. Do you believe in free, open expression at any cost?

Happy Holidays from DeviantArt!

Wed Dec 24, 2014, 6:16 PM by Heidi:iconheidi:
‘Twas the night before Christmas on DeviantArt,
Not a paintbrush was stirring, and creators took heart.
The artists scrolled through Daily Deviations with care
Knowing kindred warm-fuzzies soon would be there.

Deviants were all swiping, all snug on their phones
While visions of inspiration across all time zones
Were zapped to their smart device, quick as can be,
At the tap of a button in a +Fav’ing spree!

When across the Interwebs there arose such a clatter,
I sprang to the Comments to see what was the matter,
“I’m bored,” the Journal wrote, “I’m on a long trip, too.
I don’t have my laptop, and there’s nothing to do.”

I cracked all my knuckles, settled down in my chair,
Then descended upon the keyboard and wrote with a flair:
“Dear Friend, did you not get DA’s early present?
We now have an app, and it won’t cost you one cent!

“On, Watch Feed! On, Browse! On, Explore! On, Today!
Tap-and-hold to fave, share, and ‘More Like This’ – yay!
Read notifications on the go, or scan new search hits!
Check in on your friends, or even Submit!”

The deviant sprang to the App Store (or perhaps Google Play)
To download inspiration to read from his sleigh.
And I heard him exclaim, with all of his heart:
“Happy holidays to all, and to all a good art!”

–Creatively crafted by LaurenKitsune

Our sincere thanks ♥

In this season of reflection, we want to thank the DeviantArt community for the support, patience, enthusiasm, and love you've poured into our little slice of the Internet.

Whether you're a deviant who has been with us from the start or someone who is beginning their DeviantArt experience today, your path embodies everything our diverse community celebrates: inspiration to everyone around you, conversation to look forward to, a place you can be yourself, and a dauntless attitude that is so uniquely deviant.  Thank you for allowing DeviantArt to be the place where these common bonds of kinship are formed and shared.

Wishing you and yours health and happiness this holiday season.

–DeviantArt Staff

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