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Submitted on
December 20, 2011


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Art We Heart: Holidays

Tue Dec 20, 2011, 7:41 PM by mattdanna:iconmattdanna:
Art We ♥ is a hand-selected art feature, chosen by deviantART staff members, showcasing art we believe the community will enjoy.

:iconmattdanna:Some thoughts from Matt (mattdanna)

Being raised Roman Catholic, Christmas is a big ordeal for my family. On Christmas Eve, we would always celebrate Christmas with my Mom's side of the family and we would participate in this weird yankee swap gift exchange. It's such an evil game because only one person really ends up being happy with the gift they receive, and everyone else wants to strangle that person. Unfortunately, I always ended up with a gag gift.  On Christmas Day, we would go to church and then have my Dad's side of the family over for a gluttonous late lunch/early dinner.

I participated in these annual traditions for 21 years. Last Christmas was the first year I did not travel home for the holidays. I had just moved out to Los Angeles a couple months prior, and I thought it was a bit overkill to spend upwards of $600 for a cross-country flight home. Admittedly, the Holidays last year felt weird. Even though I had a lovely Christmas dinner with Heidi and her family and it was a nice relief avoiding all the travel plans, shopping, and felt like Christmas passed right by without me even noticing. On a side note, it's difficult to get into Los Angeles' sunny Christmas spirit when I was used to the frigid winters of Massachusetts.

Looking back, the thing I missed most was the time I spent with my family. Whether that family time was spent around the dinner table or wrestling people in Best Buy over products like they're a bottle of water in the Sahara Desert, it was still nice to be around those you love. This year, I'm making the trip back home. :)

Happy Christmas 2008 by RobbVisionWhat about you! What's your story?
-What are your plans for the holidays?
-Does your family have any holiday traditions?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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The Holiday SpiritWhy is it only 'the holiday season' that brings out the best in people?
'Peace on Earth' wishes
Goodwill toward all men
December melts the coldest hearts
Ironic for the coldest month
But why only then?
Why only light the night one month out of the year?
Why only open your heart one month out of the year?
Perhaps if the 'holiday spirit' could become synonymous with the 'human spirit'
We'd all be better off
All those 'Peace on Earth' wishes could become reality after all
snowA cold white blanket
snow drifting from house to house
the world sleeps.
:thumb254442652: Holiday MemoriesIt was a simple white bow, the kind you stick on gifts to make them look fancier. Most people would toss it in the trash with all the rest of the gift wrappings. But this bow... he could never throw it away, even now. He looks at it now, turning it over in his hands, remembering how happy that gift made her. The gift he dressed up with this cheap paper ribbon, bought for $2 at the local drug store. He no longer had the gift; that would stay with her always. He wanted to remember her that day, and was compelled to put the bow in his pocket as she admired him for the love he gave to her.
The gift didn't matter, but it made her feel loved. That's what mattered most, for she had a rough life and thought that no one would care. He put the bow on his desk and put his hand on her journal, the last words she would ever write. He flipped to that page and read it again. "Thank you" was all that it said, in deteriorated handwriting that stole everything away. He didn't want to remember what happe
Crystal SnowBlow on high,
dance now crystal snow
Light the painted sky
touch the Earth below
Shimmering stars,
gentle flakes descend from heaven
Wisps of god-wrought joy
their blessings now are given
Fall so fair,
Heaven's boldest wings brought low
Blow on high
fly now crystal snow
Exhale once more,
the night now so alive.
Ghostly breath entwined below
above, a glorious sky
Snow globe scene,
a moment's grace suspended
Crystalline dreams
within a world so splendid
Blow on high,
fill me crystal snow
Embrace the glimmering trees
…and wake my slumbering soul.
:thumb150430728: Rain falls into mugsI remember when i was
holding your hand
alone in a room
with hot chocolate beside us
watching the rain fall down
it was great
because i had you next to me
I felt the warmth
seep into my heart
as you touched my hand and
held me as we talked
i felt just right
sitting there
with you
Even if your gone
im still
thinking of these memories
they're the only thing
that pass the time
on lonely days
I wonder where you are now
maybe dancing in the stars
i wish you were here
but it's okay
i'll pass these lonely days
with thoughts of you
holding this mug in my hand
and watching the rain fall

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groundhog22 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Professional Filmographer
I'm Jewish, and for Hanukkah my family always has a party where we make donuts with my great-grandmother's recipe. This year we're inviting two other families over for said party, both of whom are very musical, like my family, so we will be making the party music ourselves, rather than just playing it on the stereo. I am very excited!
marsorbust87 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Because my mum's side of the family is Finnish and my dad's from the South, we spend Christmas eve Finnish-style with glögg, rutabaga casserole and cured salmon. On Christmas day we usually pack up our bags and go south for the rest of the week.
Kaori-Chan93 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Hobbyist
As a Roman Catholic too, my family and me go to church first and then we celebrate a dinner in my aunt's house with my cousins, their husbands and my grandparents (all from my mother's side). One of my cousins makes delicious christmas cookies and we all play a game where, two weeks before holidays, we pick by chance a paper with the name of one of our familiars and in christmas we give a secret gift to said person :D.

Happy Holidays to everyone!!! :D
stormycat1524 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011
My mom and I make cookies for the holidays and give them out to friends of the family before christmas. On Christmas my family usually goes out and shoots clay pidgeons as a way to all bond and brag :D Since we live in the country it works out quite well!
Evlydia Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Student General Artist
I don't have many plans for the holidays. My sisters home from college and my dad isn't going to Afghanistan like we thought he was, so the house is a bit full. On Christmas eve my mother and sister who are Catholic will go to mass then afterwards will come home with family for dinner. Our dinners are usually very large and as a Italian Catholic tradition, we don't eat meat. Though sometimes meat is made for me because I'm not Catholic and I'm a very picky eater. :giggle: My grandma used to make a huge plate of cookies half a foot high, but she doesn't have the energy anymore.

Christmas to me is more a time to spend with family, give and recieve gifts, rather than the religious aspects of it. Sometimes it does get annoying when my mother tries to re-Christinize the holiday, but it's their beliefs and I shouldn't disrespect them by telling them how to celebrate it even if it does change how I celebrate it. The real religious holida for me is Yule, which is tomarrow. I can't celebrate openly because my family is not accepting of Pagan beliefs, but I do light a few candles in my room and pray. I would do a ritual with my Pagan friend, but she's so busy that we can't.
onemeanmotherfokker Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll set out an extra plate for you for the Wild Hunt tonight for Yule - it was hard when I was younger and still under my parents' house to celebrate Yule - my father is still not accepting of the religion and I'm 36 for chrissakes.

Blessed Yule!
Evlydia Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Student General Artist
Oh thank you so much! :hug: That means alot to me. :aww: I tried to convince my parents to go out to eat, but they said no so I'm stuck eating soup. I've been eating for the past 7 days because I had a head cold. :saddummy:

Blessed Yule to you as well. :)
onemeanmotherfokker Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!

Head colds are a pain in the butt. I find pushing fluids and adding hot sauce to everything helps. XD

Come midnight, I'm setting out the offerings and lighting the fire - it's cold and rainy here, but not too bad.
Evlydia Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Student General Artist
It's cold and rainy here too. :giggle: I'll be lighting a few candles in my room at midnight. :)
onemeanmotherfokker Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Windy too - they're riding already!
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